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Diamond Age Essences 101

What are the diamond age essences?

Diamond age essences are high frequency essences, activated from the energy of the flowers, mushrooms and butterflies. They do not contain any organic component of their elements, but only their energy. They are activated through sacred ritual, are completely ecological and no flower, mushroom, butterfly and any part of the ecological system was harmed for their creation.

How do they work?

They act as a catalyst of inner balance and harmony. Through their positive energy they touch and activate your inner qualities and inherent potential. In this way you get empowered from within, can overcome any difficulty and live a meaningful, joyful life.

How will they help me?

Diamond age essences will help you to remember that every support that you need is already within you. They will help you to connect with your true self, transcend the past and its traumas, tap into your inherent potential and move forward into your path.

How to choose the right essence for me?

There are 4 ways to choose your essence: 1) Trust your intuition and the universe and use the random picker (check if the essence makes sense to you). 2) Bring awareness to what is happening in your life, identify what kind of support you need and check the categories of the essences in which they provide support. 3) Send a message to our free support center and we will suggest the right essence for you. 4) book a session with Omprakash (founder of diamond age essences ) or with a certified practitioner.

How to use the essences in daily life?

Our essences are very practical and easy to use. Flower essence – 4 drops or 1 spray on top of your head 4 times per day. Mushroom essence – 1 drop or spray on top of the head, 1 on your solar plexus and 1 on top of each foot 4 times per day. Butterfly essence – 1 drop or spray on your neck 4 times per day.

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