Frequently asked questions

If the positive result gained from the diamond age essences will become permanent depends on the depth of the issue you are dealing with. It depends also on how ready is your inner self to incorporate the positive results in your life. If the issue is reoccurring in some level, it means that your inner self is not 100% ready to make the change. It means that it may need some support. In this case it is good to give the support needed with the appropriate diamond age essences. Or you can just give some time and allow the change to mature and happen at the right time.

In a way it is like planting a seed, and waiting for it to blossom. Each seed needs its own time and the appropriate conditions in order to blossom. It needs also the appropriate care, such as watering etc. So the time and the permanence of the positive results with the diamond age essences are completely a personal matter.

You also need to have in mind that when you are experiencing any difficulty it means that it’s a call for a change. Once you have responded to the call and you have done something about it, then the change is simply a matter of time. Sometimes the change happens directly and some times it takes a little more maturity.

Other than the drinkable form you can use diamond age essences in many other ways:

– You can place few drops of the diamond age essences directly from the concentrate bottle in your body, in the top of your head, behind the ears, wrists, or on the energy centers.

-you can make a diamond age essence spray. All you need is a bottle with a sprayer. Fill the bottle with rosewater and 9 drops of the concentrated diamond age essences you want. With this you can spray your space as a form of energy cleansing, you can spray your energy field or your face.

-you can add 9 drops from the concentrated diamond age essence in your cream, shampoo or bath.

-you can add 5 drops from the concentrated diamond age essence in the massage oil.

In general, classical medicine disbelieves the alternative therapies, and within them also the flower essences. They believe that most of the time the efficacy of alternative therapies is a result of the placebo phenomenon. This of course happens because so far there are no suitable machines to record measurable results.
However, over the past few years a number of people have been reported to choose as their method of treatment some kind of alternative therapy and as they themselves say this helped them to create a more positive and healthy way of being and many times to be permanently cured of various chronic diseases. The positive results of all these people are in themselves a proof of the effectiveness of alternative therapies. It is also of great interest that in recent years, in Greece at least, homeopathic and acupuncture have begun to be practiced by classical doctors, which means that something has changed in the concept of classical medicine.
In several European countries, such as Germany and England, some alternative therapies such as reiki and homeopathy are prescribed.
Regarding flower essences there are countries such as Cuba that have made significant research into them. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the consequent abolition of financial support, and the long-standing economic embargo from the United States in 1995, Cuba was faced with an unstable economy along with a lack of medical supplies and medicines. Because of the perceived effectiveness and the growing global interest in holistic medicine, the Cuban Government has commissioned the creation and integration of holistic and traditional medicine with conventional medicine into their national health system (MINSAP, 1996). Dr. Miyar (2002) gave a full description of the healthcare policy revolution that led to the training of healthcare professionals in the use of flower essences as a cure for mental and emotional disorders. The systematic evaluation of the clinical effects of flower essences on the treatment of depression in Cuba was prompted by the previous Cram (2001b) research that you can find on the internet.
Below we will refer to two studies done in Cuba (on the internet you can find a wealth of research done on flower essences). The following study shows the impact of the flower essences on depression was measured on two objective standard depression inventories, the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Hamilton Depression Scale (HAM-D) (Beck, 1961; Hamilton, 1968). The former is a self assessment by the patient, while the latter is a structured clinical assessment by the therapist or physician.
The first study was completed by Dr. Pedro SastriquesSilva. The study took place at the outpatient clinic of the Center for Specialized Treatments (DTE) at the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana, Cuba. Dr. Sastriques and three other doctors treat approximately 60 patients per week at the clinic. Twenty three patients were selected who did not have previous treatment with flower essences, and who were suffering from depression. The method of selection was a technique of kinesiological testing by arm reflex, developed by Dr. Sastriques and his wife, Dr. Xonia Lopez. The method is known as EEI (EvaluaciónEnérgeticaIntegrativa — Integrative Energetic Evaluation.) (Sastriques 2000, 2004). All 23 patients completed three months of flower essence therapy, most with four monthly Beck and Hamilton tests. The patients included 13 females and 10 males, ranging in age from 22to 64, with an average age of 43. Of the 23 subjects, BDI and HAM-D data were complete for all four months for 20 subjects. There was an average of 5.2 essences selected in each session, and a total of 113 unique essences were used in the study. The effects of flower essence therapy on both the Beck Depression Inventory (F(3,57)=142.74; p<.0000) and Hamilton Depression Scale (F(3,57)=175.07; p<.0000) were highly significant. Figures 1 & 2 show the significant declines in both the BDI and HAM-D scores. The BDI scores indicate that the group started out in the moderately depressed range at baseline, and ended in the “normal” range by the third month of flower essence therapy. The HAM-D scores reflect a moderate level of depression at baseline, shifting to mild levels of depression by the end of flower essence therapy.
Regarding the phenomenon of placebo, we will look at a research that Robert Dilts mentions in the book Beliefs. In this study, one hundred people had been studied who had overcome and recovered from cancer. The purpose of the research was to find out what was common in the treatment of these people so they could adapt this treatment to other cancer patients. The results showed that their therapeutic approach had nothing in common. Others had done chemotherapy, other diet and change in their lifestyle, other alternative and energy healing treatments, etc. the only common thing found in these people was their beliefs. All of them believed that they will manage to overcome their disease, that their illness is something that can be healed and that the approach that they were following would certainly bring results.
So we see that the phenomenon of placebo plays a big role, either in conventional medicine or in the alternative therapies. In the case of flower essences, the fact that flower essences have positive effects on animals, plants and children shows that it is not a placebo.

Diamond age essences contain within them the energy of the flowers, mushroom, crystals, birds and butterflies which awaken within us certain positive qualities and feelings and connect us with our deeper truth, this means that diamond age essences interact directly with our aura and chakras and help them to function harmoniously.
Our chakras and aura are influenced from our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others and life, from the energy of the environment and the people we are in connection and can influence them as well. The Diamond Age Essences have as their main theme to help us recognize our true natural self, connect with our qualities, gifts and talents, and to relate with people and life through our pure being. In this way diamond age essences create harmony to our chakras and to our aura, helping us to become more radiant and fulfilled.
For example, the diamond age flower essence vicia sp – belonging (which helps us to regain the sense of belonging, giving us the understanding that just like everything else that exists in life, we have our unique place in it), and the diamond age flower essence asphodeline lutea – embracing naturality (which helps us to build a healthy relationship with our body and sexuality, to recognize the pleasant aspects of earthly reality, and to participate actively in life with naturalness and freedom), would bring harmony to the first chakra and lead to its smooth functioning. This chakra is related to the amount of natural energy and the will to live in the physical reality. With the primordial instincts, with survival and vitality.
So, with the appropriate diamond age essence we can balance our chakras and our aura.
• Have a look at the diamond age essences that help us balance our chakras.

One of the reasons to choose diamond age essences to bring harmony to your life is the basic direction that they follow and their effectiveness. Diamond age essences are focused on helping us connect with our natural selves, the innate potential and talents within us. When this connection is restored, we are able to move on in our life with confidence, creativity and flow. So using diamond age essences enables us to deal effectively with any difficulty that may appear in our way, without being affected by negative emotions and restrictive ways of thinking.

Another reason to choose diamond age essences is the smooth and natural way that they work. Diamond age essences help us overcome the difficulty we may experience, connecting us with our inner strength in a gentle way that allows us to learn from the difficulty and at the same time connecting us with our natural potential, reminding us that the power of healing already exists within us.

All Diamond Age Essences are 100% natural and handmade, all made in the Greek nature with love and pure intention by the spiritual life coach Omprakash. K. Jaupi All Diamond Age essences are made without cutting and using organic parts from flowers, mushrooms, birds and butterflies and without affecting the environment.

At diamond age essences we want nature to remain untouched and continue to give us these wonderful gifts!

Thus diamond age essences come from nature directly to you in the purest and most natural state.

You will discover the other reasons of why to choose diamond age essences as you experience their benefits in your daily life!

The name of diamond age essences has to do with the age of Aquarius that we started going through, which some people call it the diamond age. In this age the consciousness of the human family will start waking up, getting out of the lethargy and become clear as a diamond.

This is something that we see it already happening, more and more people have started dealing with their inner world. This is also seen in all areas of life, everything that was built on lies and fraud is collapsing leaving the place to the truth, allowing us to grow and awaken step by step in our everyday life.

As diamond age essences have as basic theme to awaken from within our natural self, our innate potential and talents, to help us let go from restrictive concepts and beliefs that cover our true self and connect with life through our pure experiential truth, I decided that the appropriate name for them is Diamond Age Essences.

Diamond Age Essences are absolutely safe and can be used by the whole family. Diamond age essences do not contain any organic ingredient from the plants, mushroom, crystals, birds and butterflies, but only their vibration and for this reason diamond age essences have no side effects.

As far as we know, up until now it has not been reported for someone to suffer from joy and balance.

In the case of babies the way of using diamond age essences is different, we can put 1-2 drops of the diamond age essences behind their ears or on their wrists. If the baby is being breastfed it is suggested for the mother to use the diamond age essence and so the baby will absorb the energy of the diamond age essence through the mother.

Diamond age essences are also recommended to pregnant women after the third month as it is very useful for the child to receive positive stimuli from the mother’s inner world.

Diamond age essences have spectacular results even with animals and plants. For example, it will be very helpful for a plant that we have changed its environment or we have transplanted, to put on its water some drops of the diamond age flower essence rebalancing which offers balance and stabilization. Helps us balance after shock, trauma or change. Supports us to balance ourselves and to continue our lives with more stability.

As far as animals are concerned, we should observe the character of the animal and thus choose the appropriate diamond age essence that will help it overcome its difficulty. The rebalancing diamond age flower essence is very useful for an animal that has been injured, shocked or has changed its environment and has difficulty adjusting. In this case, as with plants, we will put a few drops of the diamond age flower essence in its water.

From the moment you begin your journey of bringing harmony to your life with a diamond age essence, use only the treatment bottle of the diamond age essence that you started with until you finish it and after 3-4 days if you want you can continue with the same essence or move on to another diamond age essence .

If you need more than one diamond age essence in order to meet your needs, you can make a mixture from the concentrated diamond age essences in another bottle and this will be considered as one essence. You can add up to 6 different diamond age essences to the mixture bottle. In the diamond age essence mixture bottle you can only put one transcendental mushroom essence, because these essences do not mix with each other , but can be combined with diamond age flower essences and butterfly spirit essences.

For example you can make a mixture of diamond age essences with a transcendental mushroom essence, three diamond age flower essences and two butterfly spirit essences. Set of 6 different diamond age essences in one bottle and so you have created your own personalized diamond age essence recipe that will help you overcome the difficulty that you are experiencing.

Diamond age essences can be used to animals and plants and in most cases they bring immediate results.

For example if an animal or a plant has changed environment, or has gone through some type of shock, we can be put in its water few drops from the mixture of diamond age flower essence “rebalancing” for a few days.

You can also use particular diamond age essences with your pet in order to balance different aspects of its behavior and character that may have come out of balance.

A friend of mine which is flower essence practitioner told me that she had seen a dog on the street who seemed to be sick and half faint. The dog would not accept to have neither water nor food. My friend remembered that she had a flower essence with her and tried to put a little bit in the dog’s mouth, oddly the dog accepted it and after a while as she was trying to give him a little bit more of the flower essence the dog gladly accepted it and even opened his mouth to take the flower essence.

After a few minutes, and after the dog had received 3-4 times the flower essence, it accepted to drink some water, then some food and slowly began to find its strength and was able to receive further health care.

Diamond age essences can be used by infants, but the way of usage is different, we can put few drops of the diamond age essence behind the ears or in the wrists of the baby. If the baby is breastfeeding is also recommended for the mother to use the diamond age essence so the baby will receive the energy of the diamond age essence through his mother.
Diamond age essences are highly recommended in pregnant women after the third month, as it is very useful for the baby to receive positive impulses from the inner world of his mother.

The answer to this question is no. Before we try to give diamond age essences to someone, we should explain him in a way that he can understand what are the diamond age essences and if he is willing to receive them, then we can give them to him.
The step towards change and healing is a personal process and this decision must be taken with responsibility by the person who is experiencing the disharmony, because disharmony at any level hides a deeper lesson and meaning which one has to have the will to recognize.
This also has to do with the right time that the person would be ready to make a change. If we give a diamond age essence to someone without him being aware of it, first of all we have not respected his free will, secondly we could give him the wrong diamond age essence and thirdly we can intervene on the path of his personal development. Each person needs to go through his own experiences in order to take the proper lessons and move into a healthier direction. So the right time to give to someone diamond age essences is when he agrees with it.
This is true for all and especially for parents because as parents we have the best intention for our children, but if the way the diamond age essences are given is not clear, then it will simply be a way of manipulation and will have the opposite effects.
Surely it’s not easy for a child to understand what a diamond age essence is, but one can simply tell him what kind of help is it going to offer to him and if he wants and needs this help, he will take it. For infants smaller than three years of age, things are different because they are not able to consciously understand what we are giving them, but if they do not want to accept the diamond age essence even behind the ear, or on their wrists, then we still do not insist because babies are very intuitive and can decide whether they need or not the energy of the diamond age essence.
In few words, we recommend, we properly inform and respect the free will.

Diamond age essences can be combined with any form of therapy or personal development. Diamond age essences act smoothly uplifting our emotional and mental state and awakening our innate potential, thereby helping to accelerate healing.
If we take into account the advice of doctors, who say that a variety of physical ailments and diseases are related to anxiety and stress, as well as the latest research which say that our emotional health has a direct impact on our physical health, we could say that diamond age essences help us to maintain a healthy emotional and spiritual state, which in turn helps to prevent or more rapid recover from ailments associated with anxiety and stress.
Diamond age essences do not replace in any case the medical treatment.

Diamond age essences cannot be used to treat physical illnesses, because as we have said, diamond age essences function in our mental, emotional and energetic field. But we can use diamond age essences alongside classical medicine, or with whatever other form of treatment we take. The diamond age essences belong to the complementary therapies.
Holistic therapy works by the point of view that the body, the mind, and the spirit are interrelated and that if a problem occurs in one of them, it will gradually affect the whole system. So when some disease occurs in the body it means that there is also some disharmony in the mind or in the spirit. In this approach the emphasis does not go to the disease itself, which is considered the symptom – the result of internal disharmony, but to the very person who has the disease, and the whole effort is to help the person as a whole system of body-mind-spirit to be in harmony and experience health in all of his being. If we only deal with the body and ignore the internal disharmony, then we have not dealt effectively with the issue and the most likely scenario is that the inner disharmony will find another way to express itself.
Dr. Bach had said that pain “disease” is an opportunity to realize spiritual and emotional conflicts that need to be solved in order to activate the person’s full potential and fulfill his destiny in life.
This is not something new, all the ancient therapeutic systems such as the Indian Ayurveda, ancient Chinese and Greek medicine work through this approach. They also knew from what emotions and ways of thinking various diseases are caused. With the evolution of psychosomatic medicine this approach has become more acceptable from the classical medicine, and so we will increasingly see classical doctors say that the symptom experienced by their patient is psychosomatic. It has also been proven that stress and anxiety weaken the immune system and so the body is more vulnerable to disease. According to the World Health Organization, it is expected that from 2020 and after the psychosomatic disorders will be the predominant health problem. This is something that now we see it happening.

If you are going to use a whole bottle of diamond age essence as a treatment is suggested to take 4 drops 4 times a day (morning, noon, afternoon and evening). The two best times are in the morning as you wake up and at night before you go to sleep.
When you finish the diamond age essence treatment bottle is suggested to make a break of 3-4 days for integration and then if you feel so you can continue with the same diamond age essence or move to another essence.
There are diamond age essences that you can use them occasionally, like the diamond age flower essences mixtures “protection”, “rebalancing” and “calmness & serenity” which you can receive for a single use or for two – three days, depending on the situation that you are facing.

It is known that the best treatment is prevention. We do not have to expect to experience disharmony in order to use a diamond age essence. So with little awareness we can prevent many situations before they get worse. For example, if we are about to make a trip or to go to a crowdie place, we can take beforehand the diamond age flower essence protection that protects us from negative influences and seals our energy field.

In this way, depending on the situation we have to deal with, we can choose the appropriate diamond age essence that can support us. And of course we can use diamond age essences if we already experience some difficulty that we want to overcome, or even after we have overcome a difficult situation, so that we can balance more easily.

We can also use diamond age essences as a method of personal development and self-awareness.

We can combine diamond age essences with any other form of therapy and we can also add them to a massage oil or to a spray for energy cleansing.

The journey with the diamond age essences is infinite and can accompany us at every stage of our lives, leading us deeper and deeper into the inherent potential and beauty of our natural self.

Butterfly spirit essences have come into my life in an unexpected way. One day as I was walking up the mountain looking for a mushroom that I wanted to make an essence, I saw a butterfly flying beside me. I reached out my hand and the butterfly came and hung on my finger as if it were a trained pet.

I started to shake my hand left and right and the butterfly didn’t leave my hand. I left it on a leaf from a tree next to me and it came back to me. Whatever I did the butterfly would come back to me.
I felt this was a message and so I meditated with the butterfly in my hand. I experienced a deep connection to the butterfly and felt its energy purifying and aligning various inner dimensions of my being. After the meditation the butterfly went away and I continued my walk in the mountain. Although the experience was very special I didn’t pay much attention.

Another day I was back in the mountain looking for mushrooms and I found myself surrounded by butterflies. I felt like they wanted to tell me something. So I spontaneously asked them if there was anything that they wanted to show me. Immediately after the question, I saw a vision in which I saw a very bright ray of light coming from the sun and enter the bowl with the water in which I usually prepare the essences. Through this experience I received the information that butterflies are directly related to the sun. They bring very sacred transformative qualities and that I am going to create essences with them.

I was shown how to make the essences without harming the butterflies and not using any organic part of them.
Gradually I began to get more information on how to use sacred geometry in order to activate the butterfly essences. In this way I started my new mission, the creation of butterfly spirit essences.

The butterfly spirit essences have amazed me with the subtlety and grace that they work. They bring the final touch to a person’s healing, transformation and awakening process. Butterfly spirit essences awaken within us the knowledge of change and rebirth. They help us to recognise the grace of our true self.
Once again I am full of admiration and gratitude for all these wonderful gifts that nature so generously gives to us!

The transcendental mushroom essences came into my life in 2018 at a time when I had many difficulties. Even though I felt that I was well aligned. Connected to my essence, my path, and I knew where to go and what to do, the people and reality outside were like they were against me. I was being attacked without any reason. Something would happen out of nothing and things would not end up well.

Through my meditation I saw a dark energy cloud spreading to the collective energy field. It had already created and would continue to generate many tensions in our psyche and thus in our lives.
When I realised this, I began to seek guidance and help from existence in order to be able to cope with the difficulties that were coming and those which I was already experiencing.

After some time of meditation and introspection on the subject, I was given a vision in which I saw the mushrooms, birds and crystals. I realised that I was going to create essences with this combination. Somehow I knew exactly what I needed to do. I knew crystals from the energy healing techniques that I practice. I knew the energy of the birds and the inner dimensions that they work through my experiences in shamanism. I didn’t have a particular connection with the mushrooms.

Soon i decided to go to the mountain to find mushrooms and see how my vision would unfold. As I was climbing the mountain I saw many mushrooms and felt a very deep connection with them. It was as if they were waiting for me. Very soon I began to create essences from the energy of the appropriate mushrooms, crystals and birds.

Immediately I began to use the essences I made and I can say that I was amazed by their effectiveness and the spectrum of psyche they were touching. Step by step I began to understand the extent of the polarity of light and shadow that each of us has within. I began to recognise and balance these contrasts and become a more complete human being. I learned how to protect myself and how to manage the negative energies and shadows that exist in the collective energy field.

So gradually the transcendental mushroom essences began to emerge. The difficulties I experienced were transformed into blessings because without them the Transcendental Mushroom Essences would not have been created. The journey with the Transcendental Mushroom Essences has been and continues to be an exciting inner journey of awakening and transformation.

The experiences and their benefits are not easy to put into words. I feel deeply grateful for the vision and for the essences that came into my life. I really can’t imagine which path my life would have taken without their help.

It all started through a dream!
I was already trained in Bach’s flower essences. I was in harmony with nature and admiring its amazing potential. One night I saw a dream that some people would call lucid dreaming and some would call it an out of body experience.
In this experience I found myself in a field full of flowers, where I was able to see only their energy bodies. It was an amazing experience. I was seeing their colourful energy bodies vibrating in harmonious rhythms. Perceiving a world that for most people is invisible.

 As i was enjoying this beautiful experience at some point I was visited by a bee. It stood in front of my forehead where they say it is the third eye. As the bee was standing there the vibrations and the sound coming out of its wings began to spread inside my head. At the same time they were being translated into words. It was as if I had been tuned into a finer way of communication, that of vibrations.

Long story short, the bee was telling me that it knows the flowers very well and that it was going to initiate me into their world and teach me a lot about them. After that I saw the siluette of my body disappearing. I felt myself becoming pure space and one with everything. I began to feel what it was like to be a flower, to experience reality from the eyes of a flower. I felt also what vibrations, qualities and energies are being shared from each flower.
It was an experiential meeting with the flowers, their world and their energy field.

The next morning, as I was walking in nature, a flower on the edge of nowhere would grab my attention. Without even realising it I had made it a flower essence. So far I have been lucky enough to be called from 64 different flowers and so I have made a flower essence from each one of them.

I can say that each flower essence has opened a new world within me. I began to connect with charismatic aspects of myself that I didn’t even know that they exist. Without even realising it my whole being was in a process of transformation. Releasing the impact of the difficult experiences and turning them into valuable lessons. Learning at every step to recognise and embrace my innate potential. Allow my natural self to be expressed in my daily life with awareness and freshness.

As I was using these flower essences I began to experience a sense of inner unity that spread outward, making me more sensitive and aware of the true union that exists between all beings and nature.
 Through these flower essences I have been reminded that humans, like all beings, are a big part of nature. In order to live in prosperity, to be healthy and happy we need to learn to respect nature. To live in harmony with it because it has to teach us a lot about ourselves and life itself.

Step by step, I was led to integrate essential teachings from the world of meditation and alternative therapies with these flower essences, creating tin this way the Diamond Age Flower Essences.
 That’s how started a journey with amazing synchronicities that changed my life in many positive ways, and that’s how it still continues!

Butterflies are well known for their ability to transform. Starting their life in a limited form as caterpillar and then transforming themselves into a free graceful being.
When we use butterfly spirit essences our being is being showered with the spiritual qualities of the butterflies and a great transformational process begins. Through the butterfly spirit essences our being takes the message that is time to let go of the restrictive ways of being that have finished their purpose and is time to move into a more light and graceful way of living.

The butterfly spirit essences provide to our unconscious the necessary energetic knowledge of transformation and then we are guided in a very natural way to reveal the true beauty of our being and start living our life through our highest potential.

Transcendental mushroom essences function through the coherent combination of the energies of mushrooms, crystals and birds.
The mushrooms work in what shamans call underworld or shadow of unconscious mind as called by other spiritual traditions. They help us to be aware, encounter and transform our dark side, distorted inner archetypes and the pain body, which have the tendency to shape in an imperceptible way our way of being.
The birds are beings of the air, they represent our connection with the spirit and have qualities and properties related with our higher self and our spiritual nature. They help us awaken and be aware of the highest expressions of our being, to connect with them and live our life in alignment with our spiritual nature.
The crystals are evolved expressions of the mineral kingdom. They have their own individual qualities and in the same time can be programmed, can absorb and transform negative energies, as well absorb light and give to it a stable ground. Their contribution at transcendental mushroom essences enhances the qualities of mushrooms and birds, they enrich the transformational process with their qualities, help us to transform the negative energies, to be able to hold more light in our energy bodies and learn to be a pure crystal like carrier of light.
Among with their specific qualities, all the transcendental mushroom essences offer the quality of spiritual protection, while there are some of them that work specifically on bringing protection and invisibility from dark forces and influences.
The harmonious synthesis of the energies of mushrooms, birds and crystals in each transcendental mushroom essence enables us to harmonize our light and darkness, to transcend duality and crystallize the essence of our true self.

Diamond Age Essences and flower essences generally act on our emotional, mental and energy field. Given that everything is vibrating, we can understand that even our emotions, beliefs and thoughts have their own vibration. So when we experience any unpleasant emotions or limiting ways of being, it means that a big part of our being is vibrating in that frequency.
When we use the diamond age essences, their positive vibration that is pulsating at a higher frequency will penetrate the lower vibrations of the unpleasant emotions, will transform them and will bring again harmony into our being. This transformation could be likened to the snow melting in the presence of the sun.
Our organism operates through a very profound intelligence. It has the ability to recognize the food we consume, recognizes its components and makes the proper use of them. It makes complex physical and mental functions functioning at the same time in absolute harmony, enabling us to move in to the experience of life. It can also recognize the chemical composition of the medicines we take and uses them to heal exactly the area that it is needed and not another area.
The same thing happens with the diamond age essences, our organism recognizes the vibration – energy of the diamond age essence, makes the correspondence within us, awakens our inherent potential and proceeds to the harmonization.
Each of us is a unique expression of existence and we already have within us all the gifts, talents and abilities we need to overcome any difficulty. The problem is that most of the time we do not know this or we are not connected with our potential and the qualities we have within us.
Basically the fact that we experience an unpleasant emotion or restrictive way of being, means that we have somehow lost our connection with our potential. For example, when we feel lack of self-confidence means that through some experience we lost contact with our self-confidence. The diamond age essence that we will use in this case will vibrate in the vibration of self-confidence; this does not mean that the diamond age essence will give us some external confidence, or will suppress the lack of self-confidence, but will awaken from within our inner self-confidence, will help us to connect with it and express ourselves in life through our potential.
We could say that in essence what the diamond age essences do is that they wake up our natural potential and connect us with it, thus creating harmony into our being. Diamond age essences do this in the most natural way as the vibration of each diamond age essence comes from the nature itself.
We ourselves are an integral part of nature. Researches has shown that since we moved away from nature, we have become more prone to psychological and physical illnesses. The journey to health and harmony definitely involves coming closer to nature.
Of course living in harmony and experiencing our potential is something absolutely natural and happens every time we live in the only natural and true reality, which is the here and now.
Life always happens now, even when tomorrow comes, it will be experienced into the now. Everything that is connected with nature lives in the pulse of now and is always fresh and free of attachments and expectations. That’s why we could say that what we need is to find our naturalness and to live our lives in the here and now through our full potential, free from the plastic reality of the past and future.
Diamond age essences offer an absolutely natural help to do this, which comes from nature itself.

A) You can simply read the properties of diamond age essences and choose an essence or create a mixture from 1 to 6 diamond age essences that you think will help you in this period of your life.
B) You can book a private session.
C) You can answer the following questions. The last answer is related to the diamond age essence you need and due to that you will choose your diamond age essences.
*how are you experiencing this situation or period of your life?
* how would you like to experience it and how would you be if you were doing so?
* with which qualities you need to be connected with in order to have the desired results?

Diamond age essences are influenced by electromagnetic fields (TV, mobile, computers, etc.), so it is good to keep diamond age essences away from them in a shady place, at room temperature and away from children.

If you want to carry the diamond age essence you are using with you during the day, you can wrap your diamond age essence with aluminum foil which isolates it from the environment and thus the diamond age essence remains safe wherever you have it, even if you have your mobile phone next to it .

The simplest and most desirable thing that can happen so you can understand the effect of the diamond age essence that you are using, is that you will forget about the issue that was bothering you and you will start relating with naturalness and comfort in that certain situation. When this happens most of the people are not sure that was the diamond age essence that helped them, simply because they were suddenly connected to their natural potential that was always there.
The truth is that this is the result from the action of the diamond age essences, because this is what they do, they connect us with our natural abilities and diamond age essences do it in a such natural and gentle way that sometimes we do not understand what happened.
Sometimes in the beginning of the treatment with the diamond age essence the issue that was bothering you may come to the surface and may become more intense, it depends on how long you had this issue in your life and its level of importance. If this happens it means that you may need also to learn few things from its existence in your life before letting go of it and connecting with your natural potential.
There are times when the diamond age essences work more intensely in your sleep, so you may see dreams with intense emotions or you may wake up in the morning and have a realization about the issue that concerned you, and suddenly things will start to make sense.
So the effect of diamond age essences depends on several factors, e.g. how long you had the issue in your life, how important it is for you, what changes will bring to your life this change, but the most important factor is how ready you are to let go of the issue and live through your natural potential.

The way to make a Diamond Age Essence treatment bottle from the concentrated essence is:

Add 9 drops of Diamond Age Essence concentrated essence in a 20ml bottle, fill the rest with a teaspoon of brandy or vegetable glycerin and water. You can then use the diluted Diamond Age Essence you made by taking four drops four times a day or add 16 drops of the diluted Diamond Age Essence in a 500ml bottle of water and consume it during the day.

Self – awareness questions of diamond age essences help to bring to our consciousness the qualities that are awakened from the diamond age essences and to move more consciously towards harmony and self-awareness.
Give yourself a little time after each question and allow the answer to spontaneously emerge from within. All the answers we are looking for are already within us, so if we relax, we do the right question and we are open and receptive, we will get the right answer.
In the beginning the answers may not come directly, but if we stay open, with confidence and patience, the answer will be revealed. This process has many benefits and gives us the opportunity to gain access to our inherent potential that may have been out of our conscious awareness.
If you want to gain deeper self-awareness with diamond age essences, you can spend 10-15 minutes one or two times a day to relax, focus on yourself and make the self- awareness questions suggested in the description for each flower essence. If you use a mixture diamond age essence then the following questions are suggested:
A) How would I feel when I will have the results that I want from this diamond age essence?
B) How would I see myself, other people and life through this way of being?
C) In what ways could I bring this way of being into my life?

Another way in which you can deepen the positive effects of diamond age essences is by repeating the positive affirmations in the description for each diamond age essence. Positive affirmations are statements stating something positive to ourselves, in this way we can establish a positive state of mind and move in a more positive direction.
If you observe your mind you will find that there is a continuous internal dialogue that is going on almost all the time. It has been observed that the internal dialogue influences our emotions and behavior. So if we establish a positive inner dialogue we will create a positive way of being.
Positive affirmations can be repeated in your mind after the self-awareness questions. It is recommended to repeat them at least three times each time you do it. You can also repeat them at any time during the day and especially if you experience some kind of difficulty.
Positive affirmations need to be made with a nice, calm and stable tone of voice and also to feel and understand the meaning of each word.
For those who would like to go deeper into this or if you have realized that the inner dialogue of your mind brings various difficulties, I would suggest to you to use the Silene behen– Inner voice diamond age flower essence, which helps us to let go of the unconscious chatter of the mind, to recognize our true inner voice and start living our life through it.

Butterfly spirit essences are vibrational essences which hold the spiritual qualities of butterflies. Each one of them is blessed and activated from the spirit of a specific butterfly and has its own transformational properties.
Butterfly spirit essences act as catalysts of spiritual transformation and evolution. Butterfly spirit essences have as main theme to help us process with grace the spiritual transformation that we are going through, to release the old restrictive energetic skin, imprints and ways being of homo sapiens. To awaken our light bodies, to remember the light of our being, our light origin, our multidimensional self and to live into this earth as awakened light beings, as homo luminous!
Butterfly spirit essences have come to help us in this intense transitional time to decode the new higher vibrational field of the earth, to embrace the true potential of our being and to move forward into our evolution.
The activation of butterfly spirit essences happens through ritual, meditation and prayer. They are presented to and blessed from the seven directions, the four elements and the divine consciousness.
For the preparation of butterfly spirit essences have not been used any organic parts of butterflies and have not been harmed in any way the butterflies and any part of the ecological system. Their preparation happens through the use of sacred geometry and channeling of the consciousness of butterflies and for this reason they are completely safe and have no side effects.
All the butterfly spirit essences are completely natural and handmade. Have been created as a result of inner guidance, with love and pure intention from Omprakash (K. Jaupi).

Diamond Age Flower Essences are flower essences which contain within them the vibration (energy) that each plant vibrates and the energy of the Diamond.
The main theme of diamond age flower essences is to help us recognize our true natural self, to connect with our qualities, gifts and talents. To free ourselves from anxiety and stress, from past restrictive notions and beliefs that cover our true nature and create the life that ​​really expresses our being.
Diamond Age Flower Essences act as catalysts of inner balance and harmony, showering our being with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature. Diamond age flower essences help us become aware of our own natural potential, become empowered by it and be able to live our life through our own experiential inner truth.
Diamond age flower essences are absolutely safe and can be used by the whole family. Do not contain organic component of the plants, but only their vibration, and for this reason they have no side effects.
The therapeutic palette of diamond age flower essences contains 64 individual different flower essences and 9 mixtures, giving us the opportunity to have the necessary support in every phase of our lives.
For the preparation of diamond age flower essences have not been used any organic parts of flowers and have not been harmed in any way the flowers, the plants and any other part of the ecological system.
The preparation of diamond age flower essences happens with the conscious participation and channeling of the consciousness of the particular flower and the energy of the diamond.
The activation of diamond age flower essences happens through ritual, meditation and prayer. They are presented to and blessed from the seven directions, the four elements and the divine consciousness.
All the Diamond Age Flower essences are completely natural and handmade. Have been created as a result of inner guidance, with love and pure intention from Omprakash (K. Jaupi).

Transcendental mushroom essences are vibrational essences which hold the etheric blueprint, energetic information and spiritual qualities of mushrooms, birds and crystals.
Each one of the transcendental mushroom essences is a mixture from the etheric blueprint, energetic information and spiritual quality of a specific mushroom, bird and crystal.
Transcendental mushroom essences act as catalysts of inner balance and harmony. Transcendental mushroom essences have as main theme to help us bring in the light of consciousness and transform parts of the self that have been buried in the shadow of the unconscious, our inner pain body and the almost imperceptible way that they affect our way of being. To recognize and connect with the higher expressions of our being, to be able to balance our inner light and darkness, to transcend duality and crystallize our sense of self.
Transcendental mushroom essences have come to help us utilize in a good way these intense times of transition that we are going through and guide us in a deeper harmony and self realization.
For the preparation of the transcendental mushroom essences have not been used any organic parts of mushrooms or birds and have not been harmed in any way the mushrooms, the birds and any part of the ecological system. Their preparation happens with the conscious participation and channeling of the consciousness of mushrooms, birds and crystals and for this reason they are completely safe and have no side effects.
All the transcendental mushroom essences are completely natural and handmade. Have been created as a result of inner guidance, with love and pure intention from Omprakash (K. Jaupi).

Diamond Age Essences are essences that contain the energy (vibration) of plants, mushrooms, crystals, birds and butterflies.
Diamond Age Essences are divided into three different series of essences: diamond age flower essences, transcendental mushroom essences and butterfly spirit essences.
Diamond Age Essences creation is a result of inspiration that came through deep communion with nature. They can be perceived as a voice of nature which is calling us back home, to restore peace and harmony.
Diamond Age Essences main theme is to help us recognize our true self, connect with our qualities, gifts and talents. To be able to be relieved from stress and anxiety, the past, the restrictive concepts and beliefs that cover our true self and to make our lives an extension of our true nature.
For the creation of Diamond Age Essences have not been harmed in any way the plants, mushrooms, birds and butterflies and no organic component of those is being used and contained in diamond age essences. Also nature and the ecological system have not been affected in any way.
Diamond Age Essences are activated through the use of sacred geometry and the etheric infusion of plants, mushrooms, crystals, birds and butterflies. They are presented and blessed by the four elements, the 7 directions and the divine consciousness.
All Diamond Age Essences are 100% natural and handmade. Created in Greek nature with love and pure intention by the spiritual life coach Omprakash (K.Jaupi).