I really don’t understand how Diamond Age Essences work, but there is no doubt that they do and I will be using them every day. These essences help me stay in a state of bliss during any activity, despite the fact that there is a lot of stress at work, e.g. in my emergency room job.

Miron Kucinar

Gp, Emergency room & Aesthetic Doctor

as an Heilpraktiker (naturopath) I use essences to support healing. What I have experienced in myself and with clients since working with Diamond Age Essences is indescribable. The vibration of these essences is very high, they work on many levels and they fit perfectly into our transformational times.

Nada Herzog

Naturopath & Kinesiologist

One of the purest and more subtle ways of knowing oneself. Diamond Age essences feel like the most refined and complete essences from nature that can support our healing and growth. Thank you Omprakash for this amazing creation.

Nirdosh Kohra

Doctor, Founder of Bodhi Medicine

Using Diamond Age Essences i have been guided into a deep transformational and inner growth process of coming back to myself! They have been like gentle, magical hugs from nature helping me to reconnect and remember who I am!
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Jeanette Solberg

Nutritionist - Yoga Instructor

I have been receiving brain crystal activation sessions and Diamond Age Essences from Omprakash and they have been tremendously transformative! I recommend his work and essences to anybody looking for inner growth and heart awareness!

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Bodywork - Breathwork Trainer

Through working with Omprakash and the butterfly essences, my confidence in life, the universe and myself has grown profoundly. The accuracy by which the butterfly essences help me balance my inner world, still amazes me!

Sofie Aranyani Biermans


Omprakash is a genuine healer whose energy transforms people who desire a change in their lives in the direction of light. Diamond Age Essences are the result of personal work and inspiration contributing to the process of the transformation guided from his higher self!

Sophia Eleftheriou


Omprakash’s sessions are what I have been looking for all my life. I cleared blockages from my subconscious quickly, got in touch with my soul. My visions are beginning to come true “as a speed of light” because I am functioning from a higher level of consciousness.

Miron Kucinar (Session)

Gp, Emergency Room & Aesthetic Doctor

The flower essences practitioner training was a powerful process in which we were accurately guided into deep spaces of healing. I’m very touched and grateful for this profound and lasting experience of reconnection with ourselves through the realm of the plants.

Sabina Saviera


Omprakash’s essences are a precious vibrational contribution to humanity’s well being. Having the sensitivity and connectedness to hear the animal, plant, and crystal kingdoms is a gift to be shared and we are blessed he does so through the Diamond Age essences.

Alexandra Silvestru

Human Design Analyst

Diamond Age Essences are powerful and they have helped me to overcome certain negative situations. Omprakash is so dedicated and mindful in his way of working, it’s a pleasure to use his essences and get to meet him! Sincerely.

Deniz gul

Author - Artistic Director

Omprakash is an excellent teacher and human being! Diamond Age Essences have helped me a lot, I am more confident, I see my mistakes and I am more determined in many areas of my life. The experience and the journey with the essences is amazing!

Anastasia Makri

Private employee

What a healing experience!!! So honored that our paths with Omprakash cross! His love and the community around him, are amplifying the healing experience that everyone needs!!! With the aid of the essences, the beautiful energy exchange is connecting you even deeper with your true nature!

Romeo Arampatzis

I am grateful for the Transcendental Mushroom Essences Practitioner Training workshop. Thanks to this training I am experiencing a profound transformation.

Gosia Cieslak

Omprakash is one of the most special, intelligent and loving people I’ve met. His essences are created with depth and understanding of the individual and of existence. I recommend his offering with all my heart.

Ran Byron

I find Diamond Age Essences so pure, crystal clear, subtle and powerful at the same time. They were loved by our whole family. I highly recommend them for any issue you might be dealing. Thank you Kostas – Omprakash!

Anna Dimitrievic

Energy Healer

In our individual consultation with Omprakash the flower essences called “understanding” offered its support to me! Using it, I relaxed – the people around me felt the change and responded to it. Thank you Omprakash!


Watsu Massage Practitioner

I am struggling with death transition of my lifetime partner. i am using the flower essence ‘’orchis italica – transition’’ and I believe it has helped. I am finding again my balance and am able to make steps forward!

Cheryl Gordon

Health Care Practitioner

Finding and using diamond age essences was for me very magical time. They gave me exactly what I needed! I was able to connect with my inner voice. The essences gave me strength and self- confidence to be me. I can face all my emotions and not drown into them.

Deva Atimaya

Art Content Creator

I’ve tried the flower essence ‘’orchis italica – transition’’ before and it’s been and it keeps being such a valuable support in my every day life and my spiritual growth. So natural, subtle and yet so powerful!!! Thank you!

Kristina Bavcar

Massage Therapist

Using Diamond Age Essences I feel that issues relating to anger, physical and mental tiredness and insecurity, have decreased. With sensitivity and realizing the causes of anxiety, I proceed to the harmonious balance of them.

Georganas Panos

Architect - Engineer

The benefits of the Diamond Age Flower Essences seminar were multiple, the contact with the healing properties of flowers was experiential, the information from the experience of Omprakash were valuable, the inner work that happened to everyone was serious, the prospects for new discoveries were inexhaustible!

Maria Dafni


My contact with the world of Diamond Age Flower Essences, came to me when I needed it, almost magically. I was led to a world of infinite wisdom, understanding and strength! It is wonderful to discover day after day the wisdom of nature and the power that exists in these magical drops!

Melina Tsiratoudi

Art Lover

I meet with Omprakash every summer for the last 6-7 years and use his diamond age essences several times. He has a perfect mix of diamond age essences for whatever I am passing through.I can tell that they help to move things inside and give support. The diamond age essences definitely work!

Nur Sakalli

Founder of Do-um

Only good things I can say about Omprakash! My experiences with him were sacred and wonderful! I use regularly the Diamond Age Essences and it is magical to experience how the qualities of each essence are being manifested into my life! Thank you!

Ioanna Glinia


Diamond age essences are soft and gentle, but also have a strength that steadily supports without making a big deal about it. They go deep and heal with compassion the trauma and the pain that it has created. With a lot of gratitude!

Foteini Zafeiriou

Massage therapist - Yoga instructor