Transcending Fear, Pain And Main Life Blockages

Om Prakash

In this transformative 2 days workshop, I invite you on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Guided by the principles of the “Manifesting the True You” workshop, self-awareness practices, meditation, n.l.p, shamanic energy healing and diamond age essences, we will activate our abilities to transcend fear, pain, and main life blockages.

Embrace the opportunity to explore the depths of our being, unravel hidden aspects, and pave the way for a life filled with grace and true flow.

What we will experience together

  • Understanding Fear and Pain
    Identify the roots of fear and pain in your life.
    Explore how these emotions have shaped your beliefs and actions.
    Learn to distinguish between healthy caution and conditioned fear.
  • Break Through Blockages
    Release  the main blockages hindering your personal and spiritual growth.
    Uncover patterns that are limiting your potential.

    Develop strategies to overcome obstacles and create lasting positive change.
  • Embarking on a Journey of Grace
    Cultivate a deeper understanding of grace in your life.
    Explore how embracing grace can transform your relationship with challenges.

    Learn to navigate life with resilience, openness, and a sense of divine flow.
omprakash doing a blessing with feathers to a woman


Transcending Fear, Pain And Main Life Blockages

Om Prakash

  • Price €130
  • Start Date February 17, 2024
  • End Date February 18, 2024
  • Duration 2 Days
  • Location Online
  • Max Students 16


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What benefits will i receive from this workshop?
    *Inner Liberation: Free yourself from the shackles of fear and pain, experiencing a profound sense of inner liberation.
    *Empowerment: Gain tools to break through life blockages and empower yourself to create positive change.
    *Graceful Living: Cultivate a life guided by grace, allowing for greater ease and acceptance in the face of challenges.
    *Alignment: Connect with the true flow of your life, aligning with your spirit and fostering a deeper sense of purpose.
    *Transformation: Transform fear-based patterns into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.
  • Is this workshop a right fit for me?
    This workshop is a good fit for you:
    *if you would like to transcend fear, pain, and life blockages.
    *If  you would like  to embark on a journey toward a more graceful and fulfilling life.
    *Whether you are new to self-discovery or well along your spiritual path, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical tools for all.
  • Will i receive the recording of the workshop?
    Yes you will receive the recording of the workshop and you can go through it and re-empower your self as many times you need.
  • How long will last the benefits of the workshop?
    The workshop is designed to help you connect with your natural potential, once you are reconnected with it then is up to you for how long you want to be connected with it. If you do your inner practice and nourish your potential then you can maintain the connection for your whole life.
  • Will i have additional support after the workshop?
    Yes! Here are few ways that you can receive additional support after the workshop: 
    a) do the daily practice suggested from Omprakash.
    b) listen to the recording and the meditations provided there.
    c) book an 1-1 session with Omprakash
    d) receive 20% discount in 3 Diamond Age Essences that can enhance your potential and support you in your path.

About the Facilitator Om Prakash

Omprakash shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested.He is the author of the book “Embracing Our Inner Nature” founder of the Diamond Age Essences, of the workshop “Manifesting The True You”, co-founder of the “Brain Crystal Activation” and meditation instructor.

He is trained in different massage modalities and in energy work such Reiki (Masters Teacher degree), shamanic energy healing and in NLP. He is a regular and founding member of the Greek Flower Essences Association. The approach of his work focuses on helping the individual to recognize his/her true essence and innate talents, to create a deep harmonization within and to live a life full of meaning, joy and fulfillment.

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