Discover Inner Unity and Happiness – Flower Essences Workshop

Om Prakash

Discover Inner Unity and Happiness – Flower Essences Workshop

From one side i want to do this and from the other i want something else….i have one voice telling me this and another telling me something else… I am sure we all have found and find ourselves in this situation! 

We all have these inner parts that are not aligned with each other and foremost with our true self. In this way we experience inner incongruence and conflict, leading to loss of energy and stagnation.

Join us in this 1 day journey which is just the beginning towards inner unity and happiness. 

Through the profound wisdom of 13 powerful Diamond Age Flower Essences we will explore and activate 13 unique inner qualities of our being which can harmonise inner conflicts, help us create inner unity, and cultivate inner joy.

You will learn practical tools to help you create inner harmony, unity, keep your inner joy bright and at the same time learn to use 10 unique Diamond Age Flower Essences for yourself, family and friends. 

If you are practicing any type of therapeutic practice you can incorporate these essences and healing tools into your practice and provide a deeper support to your clients!

Embrace this momentum to illuminate Your Inner World. Join the Workshop Today!

What we will experience together

omprakash putting flower essences on a head of a woman
  • ‘Balancing The Opposites’ Flower Essence
    Harmonise contradictory aspects within yourself, create inner peace and unity. Overcome paradoxes and contradictions to access the field of unified consciousness.
  • ‘Complete’ Flower Essence
    Recognise and accept rejected aspects of yourself. Gain maturity through integration, stand with integrity, and bring recognition and acceptance to buried aspects of the unconscious.
  • ‘Embracing Positivity’ Flower Essence
    Harmonise the intention for positivity with the skepticism that denies positive developments. Open your creativity, believe in positivity, and manifest it in your daily life.
  • ‘Inner Unity’ Flower Essence
    Attain a holistic view, unite scattered parts of yourself, assimilate knowledge, and function as a complete being with access to your full potential.
  • ‘Spontaneous Intelligence’ Flower Essence
    Connect with spontaneity in a healthy and mature way. Achieve balance between logic and spontaneity, embracing your innate freshness and truth.
  • ‘Yin & Yang In Harmony’ Flower Essence
    Understand and balance male and female qualities. Release restrictive beliefs, nourish the healthy expressions of male and female within and in relationships.
  • ‘Carefree And Responsible’ Flower Essence
    Bring a sense of joy and lightness into your life without neglecting responsibilities. Embrace carefreeness while remaining responsible, creating a harmonious balance.
  • ‘Embracing Naturality’ Flower Essence
    Reconcile with the material aspects of life, including your body, sexuality, and earthly reality. See these aspects from a pure perspective, embracing the natural creation of existence.
  • ‘Flow’ Flower Essence
    Harmonise your inner rhythms with the rhythms of life. Stop resisting life’s challenges and flow harmoniously with its waves.
  • ‘Harmonious Living’ Flower Essence
    Soften the aspect of self that has learned to evolve through difficulties. Learn to evolve through harmony and wellbeing, gaining maturity and understanding.
  • ‘Hearts Opening’ Flower Essence
    Open your heart and explore reality with the fresh vision of a blooming heart. Engage in life with an open heart, vitality, and confidence.
  • ‘Integrating Positivity’ Flower Essence
    Remember and focus on your positive experiences. Assimilate lessons, consciously connect to the bright side of life, and continue evolving based on positivity and light.
  • ‘Joy and Spontaneity’ Flower Essence
    Awaken joy, humor, and spontaneity in your heart. Let go of worries related to the past and the future, live through the fresh, joyful perspective of your heart.


Discover Inner Unity and Happiness – Flower Essences Workshop

Om Prakash


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What benefits will i gain?
    *Gain insights into 13 powerful Diamond Age Flower Essences for creating inner unity and happiness.
    *Learn practical applications for personal growth and supporting others on their journey.
    *Explore meditation techniques, enhancing your connection with the subtle realms of flowers and of your own true self.
    *Release conflicts and limitations hindering personal growth
    *Embrace joy, spontaneity, and a positive perspective on life.
    *Connect with like-minded individuals on a shared journey of self-discovery.
    *Elevate your therapeutic palette, beneficial for healers, life coaches, and individuals seeking conscious careers.

  • Who should attend?
    *Healers, life coaches, and therapists seeking to enrich their therapeutic skills.
    *Individuals on a path of personal and spiritual growth.
    *Anyone intrigued by the transformative power of Nature and Diamond Age Flower Essences.
  • Why join?
    This workshop is your gateway to inner unity, happiness and harmony…but it’s up to you to enter…
  • Can i work professionally with the Flower Essences after the workshop?
    In order to be able to work professionally as a Diamond Age Flower Essences Practitioner you will need to complete at least the 2nd module of the training and do the appropriate practice. This 1 day workshop is one of the 5 parts of the first module. However, after this workshop you can combine these essences with any other healing modality you are already practicing.
  • What is the teaching structure of the 1st module of the Diamond Age Flower Essences?
    All the modules of our Flower Essences trainings are experiential so you can have a first hand experience of what is being delivered…you need to taste the honey in order to understand its taste…

    During the training Omprakash uses powerpoint slides to show the image of the elements of each Flower Essence, sharing about its properties, guided meditations, interactive awareness practices between the participants, shamanic journeying and more are part of the process.

  • Will I receive a certificate after the workshop?
    You can receive a certificate of attendance after the completion of each module of our training. This workshop is 1 of the 5 parts of our first module, so for this workshop you cannot receive a certificate. You will receive a certificate when you complete the first module.
  • Do I need to purchase the Flower Essences in order to participate in the online Trainings?
    You don’t need to purchase the Flower Essences in order to participate either in our online or in person workshops and trainings. The structure of our trainings is designed that you can receive the best experience without needing to have any of our essences with you.

  • Will I learn to create my own Flower Essences during the workshop?

    Diamond Age Flower Essences are activated without using any organic components of their elements, in order for this to happen the person that creates the essences needs to be highly trained, have a pure intention of being in service and dedicated to walk this path. Omprakash chooses carefully and  intuitively the right people to transmit this knowledge. However, Omprakash teaches into the 1st module of the Flower Essences Practitioners Training the traditional dr.Bach way of making flower essences.

  • Are there opportunities for ongoing support after the Diamond Age Flower Essences Workshops and Trainings?
    Yes during and after each Flower Essences Workshop and Training you will have access to social media support group where you can share your experiences and questions, you can reach directly to Omprakash for specific support, or join a supervision program with Omprakash

About the Facilitator Om Prakash

Omprakash shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested.He is the author of the book “Embracing Our Inner Nature” founder of the Diamond Age Essences, of the workshop “Manifesting The True You”, co-founder of the “Brain Crystal Activation” and meditation instructor.

He is trained in different massage modalities and in energy work such Reiki (Masters Teacher degree), shamanic energy healing and in NLP. He is a regular and founding member of the Greek Flower Essences Association. The approach of his work focuses on helping the individual to recognize his/her true essence and innate talents, to create a deep harmonization within and to live a life full of meaning, joy and fulfillment.

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