rescue remedy vs rebalancing flower essence, A Comparative Guide

Rescue Remedy vs Rebalancing Flower Essence: A Comparative Guide

In the world of flower essences, there are two essences which stand out for their wide benefits and applications: Diamond Age Flower Essence ‘Rebalancing’ and Bach Flower Essence ‘Rescue Remedy’. While both offer profound support in times of emotional upheaval, understanding their distinct properties and optimal uses can help you choose the best essence for your needs.

The Flower Essence ‘Rebalancing’

Diamond Age Flower Essence ‘Rebalancing’ is a carefully crafted blend of six flower essences: ophrys vernixia, vicia lutea, vicia melanops, vicia cracca, trigonella corniculata, and ophrys mesaritica. This combination is designed to promote balance and stability, especially after experiencing shock, trauma, unpleasant news, or significant life changes. Here’s a closer look at the properties of each component:

  • Vicia lutea (Be Yourself): Encourages recognition of one’s true inner identity, encouraging integrity and authenticity in interactions.
  • Ophrys vernixia (Centering): Helps to center oneself, providing stability and calmness amidst internal and external turmoils.
  • Vicia melanops (Straight to the Point): Encourages honesty and directness, enabling one to address issues with a straight forward approach.
  • Vicia cracca (Healthy Boundaries): Helps in establishing and maintaining personal boundaries, freeing oneself from undue responsibilities.
  • Trigonella corniculata (Giving Grace): Promotes forgiveness and compassion, helping to release accumulated anger and grief.
  • Ophrys mesaritica (Clear Intention): Balances desires and needs, enhancing clarity in one’s goals and intentions.
  • Sternbergia lutea (Inner Strength): Awakens inner strength, helping one to thrive even in challenging environments.

Rebalancing flower essence is particularly useful when:

  • Recovering from shock or trauma.
  • Re-establishing balance after being negatively affected by a situation.
  • Reconnecting with one’s center and true self.
  • Stabilizing after making significant life changes.
  • Undergoing internal healing and transformation.
  • Managing general emotional upheaval or distress.

The Flower Essence of Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Essences’ Rescue Remedy is a renowned blend designed for emergency situations, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and panic. It comprises five flower remedies:

  • Rock Rose: Addresses extreme fear, panic, and terror, promoting courage and calmness.
  • Impatiens: Alleviates impatience, irritability, and tension, enhancing relaxation and ease.
  • Cherry Plum: Helps control fear of losing control, promoting inner strength and calm.
  • Star of Bethlehem: Provides comfort and healing for shock, trauma, and grief.
  • Clematis: Enhances clarity and presence, combating absent-mindedness and lack of focus.

Rescue Remedy is ideal for:

  • Acute situations or short-term emotional crises.
  • Moments of extreme stress, such as panic attacks, job interviews, or public speaking.
  • Unexpected events that cause significant emotional distress.

Comparing Rebalancing and Rescue Remedy

While both essences serve to support emotional well-being, their applications differ:

  • Purpose and Duration:
    • Rescue Remedy is designed for immediate, short-term relief in acute situations. It is not intended for long-term use or chronic emotional issues.
    • Rebalancing offers a more comprehensive approach, suitable for ongoing emotional support and long-term healing processes.
  • Range of Benefits:
    • Rescue Remedy focuses on alleviating acute fear, panic, and shock, providing quick relief and stabilization.
    • Rebalancing addresses a broader spectrum of emotional needs, including recovery from trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, enhancing inner strength, and promoting a deep sense of stability and balance.
  • Depth of Healing:
    • Rescue Remedy is a crisis formula, effective for immediate calm and relief.
    • Rebalancing goes deeper into the self, helping individuals rebuild their emotional foundation, connect with their true selves, and navigate life’s challenges with greater resilience and inner peace.

When to Choose Rebalancing Over Rescue Remedy

Opt for Rebalancing when:
  • You need to restore balance after a significant life change or trauma.
  • You seek to reconnect with your true self and establish healthy boundaries.
  • You are on a path of inner healing and transformation, requiring ongoing support.
  • You want to build a solid emotional foundation and navigate life with greater stability and ease.

In conclusion, while Rescue Remedy is an excellent tool for immediate emotional crises, Rebalancing offers a more holistic approach to emotional healing and stability. By understanding the unique benefits of each essence, you can make an informed choice to support your emotional well-being in the most effective way.

*This article expresses only the experience and the opinion of its author (Omprakash K. Jaupi) and is meant to provide clarity between the differences and the use of each flower essence mentioned in it. Follow your heart and your intuition to decide which of them suits better to your needs!

*You can find the ‘Rebalancing’ flower essences following this link.

With love,

Omprakash K. Jaupi