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Up until now there are 26 Butterfly Spirit Essences that have gone through the proving process and are already sharing their gifts with the human family.

Through my connection with the spiritual realm of butterflies I was shown that there will be 64 Butterfly Spirit Essences in total that will be sharing their gifts with us!

There are already 20 new essences that are going through the proving process and soon will be available on our website.

Till now the proving process has shown that the new essences are bringing qualities that help us to activate deeper and finer qualities of our luminous essence, to connect with the heart of our spirit, to protect and bring a deeper purification of our light, to transform more subtle layers of our old energetic skin and to connect deeper with the new energy field of our mother earth.

There are many night butterflies that came to share their knowledge and gifts with us. I am fascinated with the qualities that I have been exploring till now through them. A general gift that they share is the ability to have a clear distinction between the fake spiritual light and our inner tendencies that misguide our spiritual evolution and the pure spiritual light which always comes from within and guides us towards true awakening and freedom.

According to my understanding the spiritual medicine of night butterflies is very useful in our time because there are so many spiritual practices that are available just with the push of a button and we need to be very aware of what guides to truth and what to delusion.

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