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Through our trainings you will learn how to choose and work with our essences for yourself and others. With a meditative approach, we aim to offer an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Light language of Nature. You will have a chance to explore and experience the subtle realms of the essences, while accessing a new career opportunity.

This training is a good fit for you if:

You can be trained with Flower Essences, Transcendental Mushrooms Essences and/or Butterfly Spirit essences attending from one to three modules.

First module
In the first module you will be initiated into the energy world and healing qualities of flowers, butterflies, mushrooms, birds and crystals. You will learn how to choose and use them for you, your family and friends.
Second module
In the second module you will learn highly effective techniques to work therapeutically with the essences. You will learn how to give professional sessions and recommend the appropriate essence to your clients.
Third module
In the third module you will learn how to complete the therapeutic process with a client by learning the integration session.

The training is facilitated by Omprakash, Diamond Age Essences founder and it’s open only for 10 participants so you can have the appropriate attention and receive the best out of it. You will receive support throughout the training and while starting your practice after completing the modules.





Training structure, Duration and certification

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