Flower Essences

Everything you need to know about the Diamond Age Flower Essences

What are Diamond Age Flower Essences?

First I would like to give you the general idea of ​​flower essences so you can have the full picture, then we will go deeper and deeper into their essence. Flower essences are vibrational supplements that bring harmony through positive energy, so in order to understand what they are and how they work, we must understand the subtle world of vibrations.

 Everything is vibrating in its own specific frequency, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest star.      So each plant vibrates at its own specific frequency. By using the properties of water – to store vibrations from its environment – the plant can be stored and used beneficially by us in the form of flower essences. To better understand what this means, in the upcoming chapters we will further explore the water and its properties, and the wonderful world of plants.

Flower essences were first developed in England in the early 1930s by the visionary doctor and homeopath Edward Bach, who created 38 flower essences that have been known as Dr. Bach Flower Remedies. We could say that Dr. Bach paved the way for a new approach to the world of healing and inner harmony. Since his time and up until now, many new systems have been created with flower essences, which primarily utilize the methodology of Dr.Bach, but differ in their range of flowers and properties.

One of these flower essences systems is the Diamond Age Flower Essences, which was created by the spiritual life coach and naturalist Omprakash (Klodjan Jaupi).

The Main Direction Of Diamond Age Flower Essences

The main direction of these flower essences is to help us recognize our true natural self and connect with our inherent qualities, gifts and talents. To free ourselves from stress and anxiety, from the past, and from the restrictive beliefs that hide our true nature, preventing us from living a life full of joy, meaning and fulfillment.

Diamond Age Flower Essences act as catalysts for inner balance and harmony, showering us with the wonderful vibrations of our higher nature. These flower essences help us to become aware of our natural potential, to be empowered by it and to live our lives through our experiential inner truth.

Diamond Age Flower Essences are absolutely safe and can be used by the whole family. They do not contain any organic component of the plant, but only its vibration, and for this reason they have no side effects.

Flower essences practitioners kit which consists of 64 flower essences


The Therapeutic Palette Of Diamond Age Flower Essences

Their therapeutic palette contains 64 different flower essences, each of them is made of a different flower and corresponds to a specific inner quality.

Diamond Age Flower Essences are divided in 9 categories so you can choose in a more easier way the appropriate flower essence for you.

Here are the 9 categories:

Clarity and clear mind

Direction and wider perspective

Happiness and positivity

Healthy relations

Inner balance and unity


Relief and recognition

Self-esteem and action

Transition and new beginning  

A kit of 9 flower essences called 9 formulas which helps us to deal effectively with the common difficulties of our daily life

Omprakash has created also 9 formulas of Diamond Age Flower Essences that are blends of flower essences that combine perfectly with each other, giving us the ability to have the appropriate support at every stage of our life.

All Diamond Age Flower Essences® are 100% natural and handmade. They are created in the nature, in Greece, with love and pure intention by Omprakash (Klodjan Jaupi).

All Diamond Age Flower Essences are made without cutting the flowers and without affecting the environment.

We want nature to remain unaffected and continue to give us these wonderful gifts!


The Consciousness of Plants

The basic elements of flower essences are the flowers and the water, so in order to understand them a little bit deeper, in this chapter we will touch a relatively unknown aspect of the plants; their consciousness. This will allow us to go deeper into their world, before we discuss the water and its properties.

From the beginnings of mankind, humans have lived in close relation with nature: perceiving the earth as a living organism, respecting her and trying to live harmoniously with her. Nature has always provided the basic elements for our life (food, water, etc) and we have also learned to use the various medical herbs.

Historically, the doctor of the tribe, otherwise called Shaman, was treating unwell people using medical plants. These people believed – and those who still live in this way, such as tribes in the Amazon and other parts of the world, still believe – that plants and the earth are living organisms, have consciousness and can help us create harmony in our mental, emotional and spiritual lives.

 Shamans believe that disease in the human body is the result of some kind of disharmony in the person’s mental, emotional and spiritual world, and so they use the appropriate plants to balance these aspects. It is worth mentioning that shamans from different tribes around the world have amazing knowledge on the physical and spiritual healing properties of plants. This knowledge was not acquired by scientific experiments and microscopes, but by observing plants, animals and being in close connection with nature. Some Shamans say their knowledge has been acquired through their ability to communicate with the plants.

flower aura connected with human aura

There are also the plants that Shamans call master plants, such as Ayahuasca and Peyote, which are considered to heighten our state of consciousness and help us to gain a deeper understanding of our inner nature, as well as the invisible spiritual world.

My personal experience with these plants – through the proper guidance of some respected Shamans I have been fortunate to meet – is that of an inner journey where I was shown my mistakes and how the ego was separating me from the experience of oneness with all that is, and how it was creating disharmony in my being, I found myself feeling one with all existence and feeling that nature and all of its manifestations are alive and conscious – that we are all connected with each other.

This experience created a very deep harmony in my whole being, filling me with respect for all existence and making me more conscious in all my relationships and connections with people, animals and plants.

Scientific research about the consciousness of the plants

In the modern scientific world, according to Patrick Geddes,a professor of biology, botany and sociology who wrote the Life and Work of Jagadish Chandra Bose: An Indian Pioneer of Science (1920).  As early as 1904, Bose,announced to the Royal Society of England, that plants are not a simple green mass, but an animal ensemble endowed with sensitivity. Thanks to the use of delicate mechanisms he made, such as the famous crescograph, Bose demonstrated that each plant and organ of the plant exhibits a distinct reaction to any mechanical irritation and has physiological changes similar to those of animal tissues.

The above are some references to research carried out on plants consciousness. There are countless other studies demonstrating that plants are intelligent beings, and many more are  not yet completed, but will surprise us, opening up new perspectives.

It seems that nature is trying, in various ways, to communicate with us. It shows us that all creation is alive and invites us to reunite with it to become whole again, and healthy in body, mind and spirit. We need to stop destroying nature, when we harm nature, we are harming ourselves, and future generations at the same time. Everything is connected to each other and at our deeper truth we are one with all existence.


Water is one of the four elements (water, air, earth and fire) that make life possible. According to all the ancient traditions, life is created by the harmonious coexistence of these four elements, although there are traditions that also consider the ether another element.

The fact that our body consists of about 75% water, means this element is of paramount importance for our health. Our planet itself is made up of 70% water, and as we look deeper we will see this element plays a very important role in the existence of all life.

All ancient healing and spiritual traditions have used water as a means for their practices. From water purification, baptism, purification at the waters of Ganges, thermal baths, etc. In some monasteries in Tibet, the monks pray specific prayers in the water believing that the water acquires healing properties, they then use it as a medicine. I myself have attended an ancient Native American ritual where the Shaman, having blessed the water, gave it to us to drink it as a medicine.

So we can see that since ancient times people believed that water in certain locations or through certain processes acquires healing properties.

In 1962, Professor Picardy said: “It may be the water and the water system that allow living organisms to react with the outside forces, because the existence of such a delicate and sensitive structure allows us to assume that, with appropriate means, its structure could be changed in infinite ways, so we can claim that water is sensitive to extreme subtle effects and capable of adapting to the most varied situations like no other liquid can do”.

In more recent years, Masaru Emoto has photographed water in various phases of its existence, in different conditions of external environment, and also under the exposure of various feelings and thoughts. Emoto always followed a scientific methodology, and his research confirms that water is not just a liquid, but something that reacts with its environment, altering its energy and crystalline structure and responding to our thoughts and feelings!

Through this journey from ancient times to the present day, we see that the water has the capacity to store the energetic footprint of, not only the substances found in it, but also of thoughts and emotions. With all this in mind,  we now can have a better understanding of the flower essences because what flower essences really are, is water that contains the energetic signature of each flower.

A beautiful woman using on top of her head a diamond age flower essence


How Do Flower Essences Work

Diamond Age Flower Essences and flower essences generally act on our emotional, mental and energy field. Given that everything is vibrating, we can understand that even our emotions, beliefs and thoughts have their own vibration.

So when we experience unpleasant emotions or limiting ways of being, it means that a big part of us is vibrating at the same frequency. When we use the flower essence, its positive vibration that is pulsating at a higher frequency will penetrate the lower vibrations of the unpleasant emotions, and will transform them, returning harmony to our being. The transformation that comes from the flower essences could be likened to snow melting in the presence of the sun.

Our organism operates through a very profound intelligence. It has the ability to recognize the food we consume, to break it down and to use it accordingly. It carries out complex physical and mental functions at the same time, in absolute harmony, enabling us to move into the experience of life. It can also recognize the chemical composition of the medicines we take and use them to heal exactly where it is needed and not another place.

 The same thing is done with the flower essences, our organism recognizes the vibration – the energy of the flower essence makes the correspondence within us, awakens our inherent potential and proceeds to the harmonization.

Each of us is a unique expression of existence and we already have within us all the gifts, talents and abilities we need to overcome any difficulty. The problem is, most of the time we do not know this or we are not connected with our potential and the qualities we have within us.

 Basically the fact that we experience an unpleasant emotion or restrictive way of being, means that we have somehow lost our connection with our potential. For example, when we feel a lack of self-confidence means that through some experience we lost contact with our self-confidence. The flower essence that we will use in this case will vibrate in the vibration of self-confidence; this does not mean that the flower essence will give us some external confidence, or will suppress the lack of self-confidence, but will awaken from within our inner self-confidence, the flower essences will help us to connect with it and express ourselves in life through our potential.

We could say that essentially, what the flower essences do is wake up our natural potential and connect us with it, thus creating harmony within our being. They do this in the most natural way as the vibration of each flower essence comes from nature itself. We ourselves are an integral part of nature. Research has shown that since we moved away from nature, we have become more prone to psychological and physical illnesses. The journey to health and harmony definitely involves coming closer to nature.


Are Flower Essences Suitable for Everyone?

Diamond Age Flower Essences are absolutely safe and can be used by the whole family. They do not contain any organic ingredient from the plants, but only their vibration, and for this reason they have no side effects.

In the case of babies the way of using the flower essences is different. We can put 1-2 drops of the flower essence behind their ears or on their wrists. If the baby is being breastfed it is suggested for the mother to use the flower essence, so the baby will absorb the energy of the flower essence through the mother’s milk.

Flower essences are also recommended to pregnant women after the third month as it is very useful for the child to receive positive stimuli from the mother’s inner world.

Flower essences have spectacular results even with animals and plants. For example, it will be very helpful for a plant when we have changed its environment or transplanted it, to put some drops of the rebalancing flower essence in its water to offer balance and stabilization. This flower essence also helps us balance after shock, trauma or change, and helps us to balance ourselves and to continue our lives with more stability.

As far as animals are concerned, we should observe the character of the animal and thus choose the appropriate flower essence that will help it overcome its difficulty. The rebalancing flower essence is very useful for an animal that has been injured, shocked or has changed its environment and has difficulty adjusting. In this case, as with plants, we will put a few drops of the flower essence in its water.



It is known that the best treatment is prevention. We do not have to expect to experience disharmony in order to use a flower essence. With little awareness we can prevent many situations before they get worse.

 For example, if we are about to make a trip or to go to a crowded place, we can take the flower essence protection beforehand. This flower essence protects us from negative influences and seals our energy field. In this way, depending on the situation we have to deal with, we can choose the right flower essence that can support us. And of course we can use the flower essences if we’re already experiencing some difficulty we want to overcome, or even after we have overcome a difficult situation, so that we can balance more easily.

We can also use flower essences as a method of personal development and self-awareness.

We can combine the flower essences with any other form of treatment, and we can also add them to a massage oil or to a spray for energy cleansing.

The journey with the flower essences is infinite and can accompany us at every stage of our lives, leading us deeper and deeper into the inherent potential and beauty of our natural self.



If you have a concentrated bottle of flower essence, follow these steps: Put 9 drops from the concentrated bottle in a 15ml bottle, add to it a teaspoon of cognac and fill it with spring water or some type of energized water. Then put 4 drops four times a day on top of your head.

In case you have a flower essence ready for use, follow the instructions described after the dilution.

The two best moments to use your flower essence are in the morning when you wake up and your organism is fresh so you give yourself a very nice stimulus to start your day. And in the night, before you go to sleep so that the flower essence is your last stimulus before you sleep. The other two times you can arrange them during the day. The ideal would be to take the flower essence four times at equal intervals, e.g. every four hours.

How to choose the appropriate Flower Essence

There are 3 different ways that you can choose the appropriate flower essence:

  1. You can just have a look into the flower essences and choose intuitively, if you choose more than one flower essence, then you can also make your own flower essence blend with up to 6 flower essences. 
  1. You can book an individual session with a certified Diamond Age Flower Essences Practitioner or Omprakash the founder. Here is the link for individual sessions.
  1. You can choose your flower essence by reflecting to your needs and choosing the flower essence that will balance them. Follow the link and have a look at the categories that may reflect your needs.

The Flower Essences And The Human Energy Field

Flower essences contain within them the energy of the flowers, which awaken within us certain positive qualities and feelings, connecting us with our deeper truth. This means they interact directly with our aura and chakras by helping them function harmoniously.

For example, let’s take the flower essences vicia spbelonging (which helps us to regain the sense of belonging, giving us the understanding that just like everything else that exists in life, we have our unique place in it), and the flower essence asphodeline luteaembracing naturality (which helps us build a healthy relationship with our body and sexuality, to recognize the pleasant aspects of earthly reality, and to participate actively in life with naturalness and freedom).

Combined, these flower essences would bring harmony to the first chakra and lead to its smooth functioning. This chakra is related to the amount of natural energy and the will to live in the physical reality. With the primordial instincts, with survival and vitality. When this center is closed or blocked, most of the natural vitality is blocked and the person does not make a strong impression on the physical world.

So, with the appropriate flower essences we can balance our chakras and our aura.

Flower Essences And Physical Illnesses

Flower essences cannot be used to treat physical illnesses, because as we have said, they function in our mental, emotional and energetic field. But we can use them alongside classical medicine, or with whatever other form of treatment we take. This is why we say that flower essences are complementary therapies.

Holistic therapy works from the point of view that the body, the mind, and the spirit are interrelated and that if a problem occurs in one of them, it will gradually affect the whole system. So when some disease occurs in the body it means that there is also some disharmony in the mind or in the spirit.

Dr. Bach had said that “disease” is an opportunity to realize spiritual and emotional conflicts that need to be solved in order to activate the person’s full potential and fulfill their destiny in life.

So, as far as physical illnesses are concerned, we can use flower essences together with the classical medical treatment in order to bring balance to mental conflicts, which could help speed up the recovery.

 One way to use the flower essences is to observe with what kind of mindset we are dealing with the disease, and to take the appropriate flower essence that will revive our morale and help us to deal with the situation more positively.

Another way is to focus on the inner conflict that caused the illness or the message that our inner being tries to give us through the disease and to therefore take the appropriate flower essence that will help us to harmonize these situations. If we eliminate the cause, the result cannot stand alone and will gradually decline.

An example of this is the case of a friend of mine, who had been ill and seemed to be irritated. I did not see anything serious about it, because anyway it was winter and sometimes in the winter we happen to get cold and get sick.

When I asked my friend why he was annoyed, he told me that his illness happened at the wrong time, because he was busy with two or three activities and he couldn’t give them his full focus because he was unwell.

In this case – aware that my friend was taking his medical treatment – I focused on the way he was dealing with the illness, that is to say, with frustration and irritation when things do not go the way we want them. So I gave him the flower essence pyrus spinosa in order to revive his moral, to help him see things from another perspective and to get back to the issue with freshness and hope.

A week later when I saw him, he was already better both physically and mentally, he even told me eventually that he got sick at the right time because he understood that he was very anxious about the activities he had undertaken and that each of them was pulling him in a different direction.

So with the time the disease gave him and the help of the flower essence, he realized he had to focus on what he really wants, what is coherent with him and what will give him what he really needs. He also told me that the illness might have been the result of the confusion that he experienced with the activities he had undertaken and how the disease itself was the key to get out of there.

After that I gave him a mix of flower essences that have to do with the direction in our lives, silene vulgaris – finding your path that helps us recognize and focus on the path that fits to our temperament,  anthyllis vulneraria– the right choice that helps us focus on the right choice when we are in front of two or three different choices, psoralea bituminosa– a higher meaning which helps us connect with our higher purpose  and ophrys mesaritica – clear intention which helps us harmonize our needs with our desires and thus have a clearer intention for what we want and seek in our lives.

And so I was fortunate to see my friend step by step finding and creating his own path, and above all being healthy and happy.


Practitioner Training With Diamond Age Flower Essences

Diamond Age Flower Essences Practitioner Training is divided in three modules. In the first module the first contact will be made between the participant and  the Diamond Age Flower Essences. As the essences connect to their energy fields, they will see, understand, and experience their benefits first hand.

The participants will learn how they benefit us, how to choose the right flower essence for each circumstance and how to insert them into their lives – creating  a happier and more fulfilled life. At this level the participants can start gaining experience by using the flower essences on themselves and those close to them. In order to start giving professional counseling sessions one needs to have completed at least the second part of the training and have done the appropriate practice.

The second module is the next step in the Diamond Age Flower Essences experience and is open to those who have completed the first seminar and have the intention of continuing on this path, learning how to help others live a life of joy, meaning and fulfillment.

In this system, the work of the participants as flower essences practitioners is not to advise the receiver but to help them gain clarity and understand the root of the issue. It is to help them to determine their goal, and identify which inner qualities, talents and abilities they need to reconnect to so that they can achieve their goals. Based on this the practitioner will prepare the appropriate flower essence.

In the third module the participants will learn how to lead the receiver to bring to the surface of their consciousness the quality and the vibration of the flower essence. This will create a more substantial harmonization between the issue and the quality activated by the flower essence.

 The value of this process has many levels. Once the receiver will connect consciously with the pure quality of the flower essence – which is their own quality – they can be consciously associated with it whenever they want. This process offers also to the receiver a heightened level of self-awareness. One of the most important values ​​of this process is that a kind of alignment between the unconscious and the conscious mind is developed, enabling the receiver to experience inner unity and completeness regarding the issue.

All three modules are both educational and experiential at the same time, giving the participants the opportunity to understand the specific flower essences with much greater depth.

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Wish that this article covered everything that you need to know about Diamond Age Flower Essences and that it inspired you to come closer to your true nature and live a more conscious and awakened life!

Omprakash . K. Jaupi