Butterfly Essences 

Everything you need to know about Butterfly Spirit Essences


What are Butterfly Spirit Essences?

Butterfly Spirit Essences are vibrational essences which hold the spiritual qualities of butterflies. Each one of them is blessed and activated from the spirit of a specific butterfly and has its own transformational properties.

Butterfly Spirt Essences act as catalysts of spiritual transformation and evolution. Their main healing purpose is to help us process with grace the spiritual transformation that we are going through, to release the old restrictive energetic skin, imprints and ways of being homo sapiens. To awaken our light bodies, to remember the light of our being, our light origin, our multidimensional self and to live on this earth as awakened light beings, as homo luminous!

They have come to help us in this intense transitional time to decode the new higher vibrational field of the earth, to embrace the true potential of our being and to move forward into our evolution.

For the actual Butterfly Spirit Essences preparation, we have not used any organic parts of butterflies. None have been harmed in any way and no part of the ecological system has been disrupted. Their preparation happens through the use of sacred geometry and channeling of the consciousness of butterflies and for this reason they are completely safe and have no side effects.

All the Butterfly Spirit Essences are completely natural and handmade. Have been created as a result of an inner guidance, with love and pure intention from Omprakash (K. Jaupi).

The activation of these essences happens through ritual, meditation, and prayer. They are presented to and blessed from the seven directions, the four elements and the divine consciousness.

The Story Behind Butterfly Spirit Essences

Butterfly Spirit Essences came into my life in an unexpected way. One day as I was walking up the mountain looking for a mushroom that I wanted to make an essence, I saw a butterfly flying beside me. I reached out my hand and the butterfly came and hung on my finger with incredible intimacy, as if it were a trained bird.

I started to shake my hand left and right and the butterfly didn’t leave my hand. I left it on a leaf from a tree next to me and it came back to me, whatever I did the butterfly kept coming back to me.

I felt this was a message and so I meditated with the butterfly in my hand. I experienced a deep connection to the butterfly and felt its energy purifying and aligning various inner dimensions of my being. After the meditation the butterfly went away and I continued my walk in the mountain. Although the experience was very special I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time.

Another day when I was back on the mountain looking for mushrooms, I found myself surrounded by butterflies. I felt like they wanted to tell me something so I spontaneously asked them if there was anything that they wanted to show me. Immediately after the question, I saw a vision in which I saw a very bright ray of light coming from the sun and enter the bowl with the water in which I usually prepare the essences. Through this experience I got the information that butterflies are directly related to the sun, they bring very sacred transformative qualities and that I am going to create essences with them, as I was already shown how, without harming the butterflies and not using any organic matter from them.

Gradually I began to get more information on how to use sacred geometry to activate the Butterfly Essences, so I started my new mission, the creation of Butterfly Spirit Essences.

These essences have amazed me with the subtlety and grace that they work. They bring the final touch to a person’s healing, transformation and awakening process. They awaken within us the knowledge of change and rebirth and help us recognize the grace of our true self.

Once again I am full of admiration and gratitude for all these wonderful gifts that nature so generously gives us!


The Therapeutic Palette Of Butterfly Spirit Essences

The therapeutic palette of Butterfly Spirit Essences contains 29 Butterfly Essences and very soon they will reach 64. Each one of them is activated with the energy of  different butterfly and corresponds to a specific inner quality.

Butterfly Spirit Essences are divided in 5 categories so you can choose in a more easier way the appropriate butterfly essence for you.

Here are the 5 Butterfly Spirit Essences categories:

Awakening our Potential

Balance of Male and Female

Higher Connection

Inner Transformation

Light into the Shadow


Water is one of the four elements (water, air, earth and fire) that make life possible. According to all the ancient traditions life is created by the harmonious coexistence of these four elements, although there are traditions that also consider the ether another element.

The fact that our body consists of about 75% water makes water a very important element for our health. Our planet itself is made up of 70% of water, and as we look deeper we will see that this element plays a very important role in the existence of all life.

All ancient healing and spiritual traditions have used water as a means for their practices. From water purification, baptism, purification at the waters of Ganges, thermal baths, etc. In some monasteries in Tibet, the monks pray specific prayers in the water and they believe that the water acquires healing properties and they use it as a medicine. I myself have attended an ancient Native American ritual where the Shaman, having blessed the water, gave it to us to drink as a medicine.

We can see that since ancient times people believed that water in certain locations or through certain processes acquires healing properties.

Prof. Picardy, already in 1962, said: “It may be the water and the water system that allow living organisms to react with the outside forces, because the existence of such a delicate and sensitive structure allows us to assume that, with appropriate means, its structure could be changed in infinite ways, so we can claim that water is sensitive to extreme subtle effects and capable of adapting to the most varied situations like no other liquid can do.”

The Father of Modern Homeopathy Frederick Samuel Hahnemann had found that water, through repeated dilutions of the substance originally contained within it, stored the energetic information of its original substance, and so when the organic substance did not even exist in the water, it could be used as a homeopathic medicine as it contained within it the energetic footprint of the original substance.

In 1988, the immunologist Jacques Benveniste also discovered that when a substance comes in contact with the water, the water can hold and carry its memory even if the molecules of the original substance do not exist. This discovery was published in the science journal, Nature. The scientific community was unable to verify with their own methods the Benveniste experiment and they denied it. In the recent years, Professor Madeleine Ennis, of the Queen University in Belfast, through experiments with a group of scientists, concludes that Benveniste was right in his initial discovery.

In the more recent years Masaru Emoto’s experiments photographing water in various phases of its existence and in different conditions of external environment and also under the exposure of various feelings and thought, always following scientific methodology, comes to confirm that water is not just a liquid, but something that reacts with its environment, altering its energy and crystalline structure and responding to our thoughts and feelings!

More recently, Professor Bernd Kroplin (Aerospace Institute, Stuttgart-Germany) discovered a way to capture the structure of water molecules and the experiment showed that the same water taken from the same source, when placed by different people on a glass surface that the structure of the molecules of water would change and each time it was placed by the same person it exhibited the same structure in its molecules. He tried to put a flower in the water and saw the shape of the water molecules, put the same flower in different water and saw again the same structure. His discovery proves once again that the water really has a memory and especially for us that deal with flower essences shows that each plant leaves its own signature on the molecular structure of the water.

So, through this journey from ancient times to the present day, we see that the water has the capacity to store the energetic footprint of not only the substances found in it but also of thoughts and emotions. Having all these in mind now we can have a better understanding about the Butterfly Spirit Essences because what Butterfly Spirit Essences really are, is water that contains the energetic signature of each butterfly.

How do Butterfly Spirit Essences work?

Butterflies are well known for their ability to transform. Starting their life in a limited form as caterpillar and then transforming themselves into a free graceful being.

When we use these essences, our being is being showered with the spiritual qualities of the butterflies and a great transformational process begins. Our being receives the message that it is time to let go of the restrictive ways of being and that have completed their purpose in our life, as it is time to move into a more light and graceful way of living.

The Butterfly Spirit Essences provide our subconscious the necessary energetic knowledge of transformation and then we are guided in a very natural way to reveal the true beauty of our being and start living our life through our highest potential.

How can I preserve and protect my Butterfly Spirit Essences?

Butterfly Spirit Essences are influenced by electromagnetic fields (TV, mobile, computers, etc.), so it is good to keep Butterfly Spirit Essences away from them in a shady place, at room temperature and away from children.

If you want to carry the Butterfly Spirit Essence you are using with you during the day, you can wrap your essence with aluminum foil which isolates it from the environment and thus the essence remains safe wherever you have it, even if you have your mobile phone next to it.

Consider having a special pouch you put them into with the foil, so that they are neatly tucked away and protected.

When is the appropriate time to use Butterfly Spirit Essences?

It is known that the best treatment is prevention. We do not have to expect to experience disharmony in order to use a Butterfly Spirit Essence. So, with little awareness we can prevent many situations before they get worse. For example, if we have an important task to accomplish, we can take the Butterfly Spirit Essence beforehand which will help us be more efficient and resilient.

In this way, depending on the situation we must deal with, we can choose the appropriate Butterfly Spirit Essence that can support us. And of course, we can use Butterfly Spirit Essences if we are already experiencing some difficulty that we want to overcome, or even after we have overcome a difficult situation, so that we can find balance more easily.

We can also use Butterfly Spirit Essences as a method of personal development and self- awareness.

We can combine these essences with any other form of therapy, a massage oil or a spray for energy cleansing.

The journey with the Butterfly Spirit Essences is infinite and can accompany us at every stage of our lives, leading us deeper and deeper into the inherent potential and beauty of our natural self.

How many Butterfly Spirit Essences can I use at the same time?

From the moment you begin your journey of bringing harmony into your life with a Butterfly Spirit Essence, only use the treatment bottle of the Butterfly Spirit Essence you started with until you finish it. After 3-4 days if you want you can continue with the same essence or move on to another Butterfly Spirit Essence.

If you need more than one Butterfly Spirit Essence to meet your needs, you can make a mixture from the concentrated essences in another bottle and this will be considered one essence. You can add up to 5 different Butterfly Spirit Essences to the mixture bottle.

How can I choose the appropriate Butterfly Spirit Essence?

  1. a)  You can read the properties of the essences and choose from 1 of them that you think will help you at this time in your life.
  2. b)  You can answer the questions below. The last answer is associated with the quality or the vibration that you need and according to this you will choose the appropriate essence.
  • How do you experience this situation or period of your life?
  •  How would you like to experience it and how would you be if you were

doing so?

  • What would you need to feel, to think, or in which way would you need to

see this situation in order to get the desired result you are searching for?

How can I use Butterfly Spirit Essences?

Butterfly Spirit Essences are very easy to use.

Step 1: dilution – put 9 drops of the concentrated essence into a 20 ml bottle and fill the remainer of the bottle with half brandy and half fresh spring water. This is called the treatment bottle

Step 2: From this bottle put 4 drops 4 times a day (morning, noon, afternoon and evening) on your neck.

Are Butterfly Spirit Essences suitable for everyone?

Butterfly Spirit Essences are absolutely safe and can be used by the whole family. They do not contain any organic ingredient from the butterflies, but only their vibration and for this reason Butterfly Spirit Essences have no side effects.

As far as we know, up until now it has not been reported for someone to suffer from joy and balance.

In the case of babies, the way of using Butterfly Spirit Essences is different, we can put 1-2 drops of the essences behind their ears or on their wrists. If the baby is being breastfed it is suggested for the mother to use the essence and so the baby will absorb the energy of the essence through the mother.

Butterfly Spirit Essences are also recommended to pregnant women after the third month as it is very useful for the child to receive positive stimuli from the mother’s inner world.

They have spectacular results even with animals and plants. For example, it will be very helpful for a plant that we have changed its environment or we have been transplanted, to put on its water some drops of the essences ‘’allowing life to unfold’’, ‘’being in peace’’ and ‘’in communion with the universe’.

As far as animals are concerned, we should observe the character of the animal and thus choose the appropriate Butterfly Spirit Essences that will help it overcome its difficulty. In this case, as with plants, we will put a few drops of the Butterfly Spirit Essences in its water.

Can I use Butterfly Spirit Essences for treating physical diseases?

Butterfly Spirit Essences cannot be used to treat physical illnesses, because Butterfly Spirit Essences function in our mental, emotional, and energetic field. But we can use these essences alongside classical (Allopathic) medicine, or with whatever other form of treatment we take. The Butterfly Spirit Essences belong to the complimentary (Naturopathic) therapies.

Holistic therapy works by the point of view that the body, the mind, and the spirit are interrelated and that if a problem occurs in one of them, it will gradually affect the whole system.

So when some disease occurs in the body it means that there is also some disharmony in the mind or in the spirit.

In this approach the emphasis does not go to the disease itself, which is considered the symptom – the result of internal disharmony, but to the very person who has the disease, and the whole effort is to help the person as a whole system of body-mind-spirit to be in harmony and experience health in all of his being.

If we only deal with the body and ignore the internal disharmony, then we have not dealt effectively with the issue and the most likely scenario is that the inner disharmony will find another way to express itself.

Dr. Bach had said that pain “disease” is an opportunity to realize spiritual and emotional conflicts that need to be solved in order to activate the person’s full potential and fulfill one’s destiny in life.

This is not something new, all the ancient therapeutic systems such as the Indian Ayurveda, ancient Chinese and Greek medicine work through this approach. They also knew from what emotions and ways of thinking various diseases are caused.

With the evolution of psychosomatic medicine this approach has become more acceptable from the classical medicine, and so we will increasingly see classical doctors say that the symptom experienced by their patient is psychosomatic. It has also been proven that stress and anxiety weaken the immune system and so the body is more vulnerable to disease. According to the World Health Organization, it is expected that in 2030 and beyond the psychosomatic disorders will be the predominant health problem.

As technology moves on, more and more specialized research helps us to understand this connection and the deeper wisdom that exists in these ancient therapeutic systems. These studies have also helped the mechanical motif of classical medicine to begin to open up to something more complete.

So, as far as physical illnesses are concerned, we can use Butterfly Spirit Essences together with the classical medical treatment to bring balance to mental conflicts, which could aid in quicker recovery. One way to use them is to see which way we are dealing with the disease, and to take the appropriate Butterfly Spirit Essence that will revive our morale and help us deal with the situation more positively.

Another way is to focus on the inner conflict that caused the illness or the message that our inner being tries to give us through the disease and thus to take the appropriate Butterfly Spirit Essence that will help us to harmonize these situations. If we eliminate the cause, the result cannot stand alone and will gradually decline.

How can I understand the effect of Butterfly Spirit Essences?

The simplest and most desirable thing that can happen so you can understand the effect of the Butterfly Spirit Essence that you are using, is that you will forget about the initial issue that was bothering you and you will start relating with naturalness and comfort in that certain situation. When this happens most of the people are not sure that was the Butterfly Spirit Essence that helped them, simply because they were suddenly connected to their natural potential that was always there.

The truth is that this is the result from the action of the Butterfly Spirit Essence, because this is what they do, they connect us with our natural abilities and they do it in a such a natural and gentle way that sometimes we do not understand what happened.

Sometimes in the beginning of the treatment with the Butterfly Spirit Essence the issue that was bothering you may come to the surface and may become more intense, it depends on how long you had this issue in your life and its level of importance. If this happens, it could means that you may need to learn a few things from the issues existence in your life, before letting go of it and connecting with your natural potential.

There are times when the Butterfly Spirit Essence will work more intensely in your sleep, so you may see dreams with intense emotions or you may wake up in the morning and have a realization about the issue that concerned you, and suddenly things will start to make sense.

The effect of Butterfly Spirit Essence depends on several factors:
  • how long you had the issue in your life,
  • how important it is for you,
  • what changes will bring to your life this change,

but the most important factor is how ready you are to let go of the issue and live through your natural potential.

Are the positive results permanent from the Butterfly Spirit Essences?

The positive result gained from the Butterfly Spirit Essences will become permanent depending on the depth of the issue you are dealing with and how ready your inner self is to incorporate the positive results in your life. If the issue is reoccurring on some level, it means that your inner self is not 100% ready to make the change and there is more support needed. If this is the case it is good to consider these reasons and give the support needed with the appropriate Butterfly Spirit Essences or just give some time and allow the change to mature and happen at the right time.

In a way it is like seeding a seed, waiting for the roots to grow, a plant to sprout, and a blossom to bloom.. Each seed needs its own time with the appropriate conditions and care, in order for it to become a plant and blossom. So, the time and the permanence of the positive results with the Butterfly Spirit Essences are completely a personal matter.

You also need to have in mind that when you are experiencing any difficulty it means that it’s a call for a change., Once you have responded to the call and you have done something about it, then the change is simply a matter of time, sometimes this happens immediately directly and other times it takes a little more maturity.


Butterfly Spirit Essences Practitioner Training is divided in three modules:

First Module of Butterfly Spirit Essences Practitioners Training:

In the first module the first contact will be made between the participant and  the Butterfly Spirit Essences. As the essences connect to their energy fields, they will see, understand, and experience their benefits first hand. The participants will learn how they benefit us, how to choose the right butterfly essence for each circumstance and how to include them into their lives – creating  a happier and more fulfilled life.

At this level the participants can start gaining experience by using the butterfly essences on themselves and those close to them. In order to start giving professional counseling sessions one needs to have completed at least the second part of the training and have done the appropriate practice.

Second Module of Butterfly Spirit Essences Practitioners Training:

The second module is the next step in the Butterfly Spirit Essences experience and is open to those who have completed the first seminar and have the intention of continuing on this path, learning how to help others live a life of joy, meaning and fulfillment. In this system, the work of the participants as butterfly essences practitioners is not to advise the receiver but to help them gain clarity and understand the root of the issue. To help them to determine their goal, and identify which inner qualities, talents and abilities they need to reconnect to, so they can achieve their goals. Based on this the practitioner will prepare the appropriate butterfly essence.

Third Module of Butterfly Spirit Essences Practitioners Training:

In the third module the participants will learn how to guide the receiver to bring to the surface of their consciousness the quality and the vibration of the butterfly essence. This will create a more deeper harmonization between the issue and the inner quality activated by the butterfly essence. The value of this process has many levels. Once the receiver will connect consciously with the pure quality of the butterfly essence – which is their own quality – they can be consciously associated with it whenever they want.

This process offers also to the receiver a heightened level of self-awareness. One of the most important values ​​of this process is that it develops an alignment between the unconscious and the conscious mind. Enabling the receiver to experience inner unity and peace regarding the issue.

All three modules are both educational and experiential at the same time, giving the participants the opportunity to understand each butterfly essences with much greater depth.

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Wish that this article covered everything that you need to know about Butterfly Spirit Essences and that it inspired you to come closer to your true nature and live a more conscious and awakened life!

Omprakash . K. Jaupi