Self – esteem and Action Kit


This Kit consists of 9 different flower essences which are included in the category “Self-esteem and Action” of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

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Self – esteem And Action Kit

This Kit consists of 9 different flower essences which are included in the category “Self-esteem and Action” of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

The Diamond Age Flower Essences which are included in this category are:


Connects us to our center. Helps us to be centered. To feel stable, to stand firmly within our being and to remain unaffected by internal and external storms.

*Fresh Mood

Helps us to overcome the frustration and anger we feel when things do not go as we would like to, or when one difficulty comes after another. Helps us to refresh our mood. Renew our perspective and respond to life with a fresh approach.

*Clear Path

Connects us with the space of purity and objectivity. Cleanses various hidden obstacles which prevent us from growing and evolving. Helps us to open our way and move on our path with stability and security.

*I Can Do It

Relieves us from doubts and uncertainty.  Gives us confidence. Helps us to believe in ourselves and builds a more confident and truthful image for ourselves and our goals.  Supports us to believe in ourselves. To see our goals as attainable. To stand in life through a state of strength and confidence.

*Shine Your Potential

Helps us to let go of unconscious restrictive patterns that keep us in mediocrity and in a fake safe zone. Helps us to embrace our potential. To create new ways to express our abilities and manifest the maximum of our potential in our own unique way. Enables us to bring our gifts and talents to the surface. To expose them and to start using them fully, manifesting and achieving our full potential.

*Happy and Rational

Brings balance between spontaneous creativity and disciplined direction towards the goal. Through this balance we acquire the capacity to act as rational adults when needed, as a spontaneous exploratory child when this is the appropriate choice, or both, as appropriate. Enables us to put our imagination, abstract concepts and creativity in a reasonable frame so that we can bring them into a practical application in our daily lives.

*Just Do It

Helps us to let go of procrastination, fear of disappointment and attachment to the outcome when we want to start an activity. Helps us to be able to start something with a specific intention and at the same time to be free from any expectations. Enables us to take action and give our best. To enjoy the moment and allow life to take care of the outcome.

*Inner Strength

Helps us to overcome feelings of lack of strength, the ability or support to accomplish our goals. Awakens within us the endless source of the power of our soul. Helps us to feel strong against any difficulties we experience. To be able to thrive even in the most inhospitable environment.

*Peaceful Power

Enables us to express our presence and power in life in a calm and peaceful way. Creates a white energy field around us that allows us to be ourselves and express our being in a graceful way, even when we are in places with many people, tensions and distractions. Enables us to manifest our presence in a calm and truthful way.



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