Relief and Recognition Kit


This Kit consists of 8 different flower essences which are included in the category relief and recognition of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

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Relief And Recognition Kit

This Kit consists of 8 different flower essences which are included in the category relief and recognition of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

The Diamond Age Flower Essences which are included in this category are:


Helps us to relieve the bitterness and frustration created by the lack of recognition of our talents and actions. Gives us the ability to recognise and appreciate our innate potential. To use it in a mature and effective way that will allow us to evolve and move forward in our lives.

*Hearts Longing

Relieves us from the accumulated sadness and frustration created by the non fulfilment of the longing of our heart. Helps us to embrace our heart and its calling. To free ourselves from the stagnation caused by the fear of disappointment. Encourages us to move towards the fulfilment of our heart’s longing.

*Healthy Boundaries

Helps us to free ourselves from the burdens of the past and the responsibilities that don’t belong to us. Helps us to have a clear sense of our personal space and responsibilities. In this way we can help others and interact with them in a more balanced and healthy way.


Helps us to clarify various perceptions about what we are worthy and not worthy of having in life. Frees us from feelings of low self-esteem through which we feel we are not worthy and remain stagnant. Relieves us also from selfish tendencies through which we even claim things that do not belong to us.

*Giving Grace

Helps us to release the accumulated anger and grief we have felt through painful and traumatic experiences.  To let go of the accumulated guilt related with pain we may have caused to others. Empowers us to forgive ourselves and others. Helps us to be free from karmic relations. Opens the way for a life based on love, compassion, and joy.

*Self – expression

Helps us to position ourselves and express our opinion in a balanced and healthy way. Helps us to believe in our truth and the way we perceive things. Empowers us to be able to express our truth, state and support our position on the various issues that concern us.


Helps us regain our sense of belonging. Support us to feel comfortable with ourselves, accept everything we are and see that just like anything else in life, we have our unique place in it. Helps us to let go of feelings that we do not belong, that we do not fit, that we are a burden, and the difficulty of manifesting ourselves in life.

*Energy Cleansing

Cleanses our energy field from parasitic energies that tend to stick to us and disorient us. Brings a sense of freshness and purity to our energy field, helping us live through a fresh breeze free of parasitic energies and vibrations.

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