Purification – Transition – Transcendence Kit


This Kit consists of 8 different essences which are included in the category “Purification, Transition and Transcendence” of transcendental mushroom essences.

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Purification – Transition – Transcendence Kit

This Kit consists of 8 different essences which are included in the category “Purification, Transition and Transcendence” of transcendental mushroom essences.

The Transcendental Mushroom Essences which are included in this category are:


Helps us to gain access to the purity of our soul. Enables to recognise the purity of our essence and to let go of energies and influences that have tried or are trying to contaminate our existence. Activates a process of inner cleansing. Reveals and removes negative energies that try to manifest themselves through our being and relations.

*Cave of the Spirit

Helps us to make a deep introspection. Guides us inside the cave of the spirit, in a protected space of ​​ascetic isolation. Brings deep focused awareness and courage so that we can face our light and darkness. Enables us to see the influence of past lives on our present existence.

*Cosmic Origin

Helps us to remember our cosmic origin. To remember that we are free beings of the universe that somehow have found ourselves in a low vibration matrix. Awakens us to the fact that from the free cosmic beings we really are, we have come to identify with the problems and false needs projected in the matrix.

*Soft Transformation

Helps us to accept and recognise the spiritual essence of our being. Helps us to stop being afraid of our spiritual awakening. To be able to feel safe to embrace our luminous nature and to feel our union with the divine essence. Helps us to free ourselves from the resistance of our dark aspects towards light. To be free from the phobias and instability that the mind can experience when the attachments with the world of the matrix dissolve.

*Realms of Heaven

Helps us to connect with higher celestial spheres of consciousness. Enables us to expand our awareness and to connect to the higher expressions and dimensions of our being. Helps us to travel safely and consciously to the higher dimensions and to have access to our higher self, our spiritual guides and the source of light. Teaches us to properly understand the spiritual dimensions and to have a proper and essential relationship with them.

*Liberation of the Soul

Helps our soul to cut the cords that keep it in lower dimensions and spheres of consciousness. Helps our soul to learn and mature through its existence in lower realms. Supports it to return to its purity and to learn how to live in this human life through its pure light and its connection with the divine.

*Moving Towards the Light

Helps the parts of the self that have been forgotten in the shadow of the unconscious or are stuck to lower dimensions, to pass into the light and unite with the source. Brings a sense of calmness, relief and peace in the situations where we felt anxious and that there is something that has not been completed.

*Returning Home

Brings a sense of peace and tranquility. It reminds us of the beauty of these qualities, helps us to recognise them and look for them in our lives. Helps us hear the call to return home and to let go of entanglements and anxious adventures.






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