Meditation Kit


This Kit contains 3 mixtures of Diamond Age Essences that help us deepen our meditation and self-awareness.


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Meditation Kit

This Kit contains 3 blends of Diamond Age Essences that help us deepen our meditation and self-awareness:

*Light of Consciousness

Awakens within us the light of consciousness. Helps us to be detached from the limitations of the body and personality. To recognise ourselves as the pure light that we truly are. Enables us to enrich our daily lives with the power and the grace of light.

Combination of the following essences: “perception of light” (white iris), “infinite awareness” (pancratium maritimum), “transition” (orchis italica), “awakened soul” (lupinus albus), “realms of heaven” (hygrocybe acutonomica – bismuth crystal – cape ganet spirit), “aligning the lower with the higher” (white cabbage butterfly spirit).

*Pure Presence

Helps us to recognise our pure, boundless, without past and future presence. Helps us to connect with the eternal observer. To let go of all our identities and melt in the absolute presence.

Combination of the following essences: “realizing beingness” (ophrys attica), “owning your space” (ophrys ferrum), “detachment” (trifolium campestre), “kindness of spirit” (inonotus laevis – snow flake obsidian – peregrine falcon spirit), “seeing the unseen” (blue morpho butterfly spirit), “in commune with the universe” (blue swallowtail butterfly spirit).

*Inner Stillness

Helps us to be in a state of inner silence and stillness. To rest, relax, feel the natural serenity of our being and absorb the deeper essence of our being.

Combination of the following essences: “trust” (alcea pallida), “surrender” (lupinus angustifolius), “just be” (crocus), “detachment” (trifolium campestre), “wisdom of trust” (goeophylum abietinum – snow quartz-saker falcon), “being in peace” (Red spotted purple butterfly spirit.


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