Meditation Kit


This Kit consists of 9 different flower essences which are included in the category “Meditation” of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

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Meditation Kit

This Kit consists of 9 different flower essences which are included in the category “Meditation” of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

The Diamond Age Flower Essences which are included in this category are:

*Just Be

Relieves us from the tendency of the mind to think or deal with what is imperfect in our life. Helps us to shift our focus from thinking to being. So we can be present in the here and now and be able to rest within ourselves. Supports us to recognise and be thankful for what we have in life. To enjoy each moment with fresh presence.

*Higher Ground

Uplifts our soul. Helps us to let go of feelings of shame about ourselves and low self-esteem. Empowers us to stand in the space of our higher self. To forgive and to accept the lower expressions of ourselves.

*Awakened Soul

Helps us to awaken from the limited perception that we are the body, the mind or the character that we have built. Awakens within us the knowledge that the immortal soul, a spark of the divine, lives within this body. Helps us to break free from the limitations of our character and our body. To live our lives through the grace of the spirit.


Teaches us to see beyond the obvious and to understand deeper truths hidden behind seemingly stagnant situations. Activates the inner vision (third eye). helps us to have access to our inner realities and have a clearer understanding of them.


Helps us to be relieved from concerns about survival or success. To feel deep support and confidence in existence itself. Helps us surrender ourselves to the divine. Release ourselves from the feeling of “little me with my big problems” and allow existence to manifest its superior plan.

*Infinite Awareness

Guides us to open our perception and connect with a higher aspect of ourselves, the observer, the infinite awareness. Helps us overcome our weaknesses and fears about life or death and manage to cope with the difficulties we face, knowing that our true self cannot be affected by anything.

*Realising Beingness

Helps us to distinguish ourselves from the story of our life. Gives us access to the state of pure consciousness and helps us experience a deeper sphere of being. Enlightened masters say that even a small glimpse of the real self can transform our whole lives.

*Holistic View

Enables us to not get stuck to the difficulties we face but to see things from above and to have a more complete picture of the situation. To perceive solutions and directions we did not see because of our identification with the difficulty we experienced. Helps us sharpen our perception and move with flexibility from microcosm to macrocosm and vice versa.


Helps us to recognise, accept our mistakes, and forgive ourselves for our weaknesses. Gives us the spiritual maturity and power to be able to stand differently in life. To transcend a restrictive pattern and make the shift to a healthier way of being.


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