Individual Consultation Session With Flower Essences


In your one-on-one cnsultation session with flower essences we will explore your potential, connect with your qualities, talents and abilities. You will understand the root of the difficulties you face and pave the way for a life full of meaning, joy and fulfillment.

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Individual Consultation Session With Flower Essences

In your one-on-one flower essences consultation session we will explore your potential, connect with your qualities, talents and abilities.


In your Individual Session:

  • You will understand the root cause of the difficulties you are experiencing.
  • You will reconnect with your potential and innate qualities.
  • you will transform the difficulties and move on to a meaningful, joyful and conscious way of being!
  • You will become more self-aware.
  • You will receive the personalized flower essence mixture for you.
  • You will learn ways to deepen the positive effects of the session.

With what issues the individual session can help me with:

In the Individual session Omprakash K.Jaupi brings all his experience and can help you to effectively overcome issues related to:

  • Anxiety, stress and emotional well-being.
  • Empowerment, confidence and overcoming challenges.
  • Uncertainty, lack of direction and clarity.
  • Inner healing and post-traumatic stress.
  • Lack of joy and positivity.
  • Relationships and connection with self, life and other people.
  • Overcoming difficulties that stand in the way of your development.
  • Financial insecurity and abundance.
  • Spiritual evolution and self-awareness.

What happens in the session:

In the individual session you create together with Omprakash K.Jaupi a safe and warm energetic atmosphere where you can leave behind all your worries, touch your innate potential and through there you can overcome whatever is bothering you.

At the beginning of the session you have a gentle conversation where you explain to him to the extent you wish the issues that are bothering you. You will then gain clarity on the issue, set a direction, and then be led into a gentle and meaningful process of self-discovery where you begin to take back your power and overcome whatever issue has been troubling you.

  • The session can be happen online or in person.

  • Lasts 75 minutes.

  • Costs 70 euros.

What happens after the session:

After the session you will receive appropriate instructions on how you can deepen and bring the positive results you experienced into your daily life. If you wish, Omprakash K.Jaupi can create for you a personalized blend of flower essences to give you more support in your next steps (the flower essence is not included in the price of the session). You will also be able to contact Omprakash for any questions, clarifications and guidance you may need in the days after the session.

I will be happy to meet you and create together an opportunity for maturity, evolution and awakening!

Omprakash K.Jaupi