Healthy Relations Kit


This Kit consists of 10 different flower essences which are included in the category “Healthy Relations” of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

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Healthy Relations Kit

This Kit consists of 10 different flower essences which are included in the category “Healthy Relations” of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

The Diamond Age Flower Essences which are included in this category are:

*Be Yourself

Guides us to recognise the true quality of our being and connect with our true inner identity. Helps us to stop connecting with the people through the various masks we have worn in order to be liked and accepted. To begin to connect with them through our true self with integrity, comfort and grace.

*Unique and Equal

Enables us to recognise the beauty of diversity. Helps us to accept our uniqueness as well as that of other people. Enables us to feel comfortable and safe to show ourselves and enjoy the interaction with other people.


Helps us to let go of rigid ideas about what’s wrong and what’s right for others. From our desire to change them and from the tendency to try to impose to others our own model of the world. Helps us to accept and love others just as they are without wanting to change anything on them. Enables us to express our opinion with love and allow them to follow their own path in life.

*Straight to the Point

Encourages us to let go of the tendency to go round and round when we approach ourselves, others or an important issue.  Gives us the courage and maturity to be honest with ourselves and others. To go to the heart of the issue and stop wasting time and energy in unnecessary circles.

*Warm and Genuine

Showers us with a sense of warmth and security. Helps us overcome the fears that make us to be distant with others. Helps us to connect with other people in a warm and truthful way. To be open and accessible, and at the same time to feel secure and protected.

*Regaining Innocence

Enables us to connect with our inner purity and innocence. Helps us to let go of distorted ideas and beliefs related with these qualities .Supports us to embrace purity and innocence in a balanced way. To see the true power that exists within these wonderful qualities.


Teaches us to be detached and not take personally other people behaviours. Helps us to let go of various images we have built for ourselves based on the behaviours of others towards us. Enables us to free ourselves from various fears about what others will say about us.

*Universal Heart

Encourages us to open our hearts into the state of acceptance. Supports us to be able to have space within our being and to accept others as they are, with their positive and negative aspects. Brings a sense of understanding and acceptance and helps us to not allow the weaknesses of our character or those of others to interfere with our relationships. To be able to overcome the things that separates us and focus on what unites us.


Supports us to soften and gives us the strength to live life through the softness of our being. Brings harmony to aspects of ourselves that have become rough through the difficulties of life. Helps us to see that someone who has become rough has not necessarily become stronger but in fact has become rigid and has moved away from his nature.

*True Connection

Guides us to get in tune with the sense of contentment that comes through the connection with our true self. Helps us to feel emotionally complete and whole within our being. Helps us to create true and unselfish relationships, without seeking to take something from others in order to fill our gaps but to share our inner contentment and the beauty of each moment .

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