Healing – Transformation and New Beginning Kit


This Kit consists of 6 essences from the category “Healing, Transformation and New Beginning” of Butterfly Spirit Essences.

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Healing, Transformation And New Beginning Kit

This Kit consists of 6 essences from the category “Healing, Transformation and New Beginning” of Butterfly Spirit Essences.

The Butterfly Spirit Essences that are included in this kit are:

*Cycles of Evolution

Helps us to complete the cycles of our evolution that have been left incomplete. Helps us to learn from them, gain maturity and close those chapters. Enables us to move with  grace and awareness to the next cycle of our evolution.  This can be from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to adulthood, from one life to another, from one way of being to another and eventually from homo sapiens to homo luminous.


Brings us into a state of transparency and reminds us that what we really are is clean, transparent, free and content in itself. Reminds us that our ultimate reality is pure consciousness. Helps us to awaken and release different parts of the self that are stuck or attached in lower realities.

*Seeing the Unseen

Helps us to see the subtlest spaces of being, to perceive the beyond. Moves our awareness behind the scenes and events of our life. Facilitates the meeting with the subtlest and truer self, with the pure consciousness. Awakens the understanding that what we really are is beyond life and death and nothing has really damaged our true being. Helps us to transcend traumas, pain bodies and personalities and be free into the true space of our being.

*The Healing Love

Awakens the healing ability of our heart, a soft and deep sense of love, acceptance and understanding. Brings healing to the broken heart, to the pain bodies, the broken parts and the way that they are involved in different karmic relations.  Restores balance and harmony, brings deep peace, relief and understanding within our being and our relations.

*The Way to Freedom

Helps us to set ourselves free from any way we have been entangled in restrictive editions of reality. Brings a sense of forgiveness and grace through which we can let go of any unconscious tendencies of self punishment, martyr syndrome and feelings of being trapped or stuck. Opens our perception so we can see the grace and the freedom that exists into our being and helps us to move in that direction. Brings the understanding that is our choice to live in a state of grace and freedom, we can always choose.

*Moving Forward

Gives us the ability to move forward in our life, to explore and enjoy new ways of being and living. Helps us to let go and release ourselves from patterns, habits, personalities and realities that we have been identifying ourselves.  Brings the understanding that everyday is a new day and we are free to live in a new way in each given moment.

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