Healing Kit


This Kit consists of 8 different essences which are included in the category “Healing” of Transcendental Mushroom Essences.

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Healing Kit

This Kit consists of 8 different essences which are included in the category “Healing” of Transcendental Mushroom Essences.

The Transcendental Mushroom Essences which are included in this category are:

Hug of Existence

Gives us the feeling of being embraced from existence. Brings a gentle feeling of warmth, care, security, understanding and kindness. Enables us to feel safe, to relax, to release friction and the characters we had adopted through the difficulties of life. Supports us to be able to feel comfortable, free and accepted to be our true self.

*Shadow Transformation

Helps us to reconcile with our light and darkness. Gives us a sense of sweetness, understanding and spiritual maturity, through which we can touch and overcome deep phobias about light and darkness.

*Pain Transformation

Helps us to relieve the pain we have experienced or are experiencing in our human existence. Helps us to free ourselves from the loneliness, self-closure and frustration we may feel inwardly about people and human existence itself. Brings healing and relief to the wounds and negative influences we have received from other people.

*Flow of Love

Helps us to let go of blocked emotions. Liquefies and brings love back to inner spaces that were emotionally dry. Fills with love aspects of self and experiences that lack love.

*Embracing the Lower Self

Awakens in us a deep sense of acceptance, understanding, love and compassion through which we can see, embrace and transform the lower expressions of ourselves. Helps us to free ourselves from feelings of guilt, shame and negative self-criticism. and reconnect with the light that we are.

*Embracing Wellbeing

Promotes well-being at all levels of our existence. Awakens the love for ourselves, the will to be healthy and to follow a healthy way of being. Helps us to let go of various self-destructive unconscious tendencies and to accept the well-being of the body, mind and spirit.

*Deep Inner Healing

Guides us to a process of deep inner healing. Touches the depths of our energy structure and removes the sick energies that have been stuck there over the years. Brings a deep renewal to our being. Although it touches the deep layers of the unconscious, healing occurs through a sense of self-love, softness, sensitivity and detachment from disharmony.

*Transcending the Broken Parts

Helps us to overcome the traumatic experiences that have marked our being. Gives us the ability to embrace the wounded parts of our being and unite them with the true self. Helps us to let go of resentment and fear-based patterns, which do not allow us to move forward.

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