Connection with Myself and Others


This Kit consists of 11 different essences which are included in the category “Connection with Myself and Others”of Transcendental Mushroom Essences.

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Connection With Myself And Others

This Kit consists of 11 different essences which are included in the category “Connection with Myself and Others”of Transcendental Mushroom Essences.

The Transcendental Mushroom Essences which are included in this category are:

*Stabilization of our light

Stabilises and grounds gently our light essence in the physical body and in the first chakra and gives it a solid base. Removes from our body dense parasitic energies that do not allow our luminous nature to be grounded in the physical body.

*Crystallization of the Self

Helps us to correctly distinguish the true self from the personality, the ego and the parasitic energies that want to present themselves as the self.  Enables us to crystallise our true self within the body – mind and begin to bring its essence step by step into our lives.

*Balance in Family Systems

Helps us to restore harmony in our family relationships and in the various systems created through them. Helps us to cut the umbilical cords and to access our individual spiritual potential. Supports us to position ourselves in the right role and responsibility in our family systems.

*Relying on your Own Light

Connects us to the pure and innocent state of being we were in when we were born. Helps us to free ourselves from false ideas and impressions we have created for ourselves. Enables us to recognise that we are beautiful innocent light beings who have come here to illuminate the dark aspects of life, instead of absorbing their darkness and lose ourselves in it.

*Self contentment

Helps us to feel complete and integrated within ourselves, to experience a sense of deep self-affirmation and inner peace. Helps us to connect with the deep contentment that exists in existence and in our true nature.

*Divine Female

Helps us to understand, reconcile and honour the sacred female inside and outside of us. Helps us to connect harmoniously with mother earth and to be grounded. Supports us to coordinate our energy field with that of the earth.

*Male and Female in Balance

Brings healing, and relief to the wounds created by the male to the female and vice versa. Its gentle energy reaches and heals the depths of our family tree. Frees us from ancestral karma, pain, repetitive negative patterns and resentment associated with the relationship between male and female inside and outside of us.

*Divine Male

Awakens in us the pure essence of masculine energy, the divine essence of yang energy. Restores our relationship with the male archetype (ancestors, grandparents, father, husband, etc.).

*Centered Expansion

Aligns and stabilises our spirit in all areas of our existence (mind, heart, body, hara, etc.) Helps us to feel the essence our spirit grounded and centered. Helps us gain access to the grace and power of our spirit and begin to expand the beauty of our essence in a centered and balanced way.

*Natural Wellbeing

Helps us to connect with the innate, natural inner state of well-being that is at the center of us and that we have always had inside us since we were children. Helps us to release our innate natural child like creativity and spontaneity and to express them with naturalness and grace.

*Balanced Boundaries

Helps us to understand the natural and spiritual evolutionary rhythms of life. Brings order and harmony to the inner worlds, dimensions and energies, places the energies in the dimensions that they belong and brings harmony between the worlds.




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