9 Formulas Kit


This Kit includes the 9 formulas of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

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This Kit includes the 9 formulas of Diamond Age Flower Essences.

*Happiness and Creativity

Promotes joy, positivity and good mood. Helps us to be relieved from disappointment, negative mood and sadness. Is especially useful when we need to express our creativity and connect with the bright side of life. Enables us to combine happiness and creativity in our lives.

The formula “Happiness & Creativity” is a combination from the Diamond Age Flower Essences: “Carefree and Responsible” (asphodelus aestivus), “Joy and Spontaneity” (chrysanthemum coronarium), “Fresh Mood” (pyrus spinosa), “The Right Choice” (Anthyllis vulneraria), “Everything is Possible” (dianthus myrtinervius), “Hearts Opening” (cornus mas), “Insight” (purple iris).

*Here and Now

The Diamond Age Flower Essences formula here & now promotes clarity and focused presence in the here and now. Helps us to unburden ourselves from the chatter of the mind and its various tendencies that do not allow us to live in the present.

The formula “Here & Now” is a combination from the  flower essences “Active Observation” (nigella), “Clear Mind” (viola), “Focused Presence” (vicia canescens), “Inner Voice” (silene behen), “Detachment” (trifolium campestre), “Just Be” (crocus), “Realizing Beingness” (ophrys attica).

*Calmness and Creativity

Promotes calmness and serenity. Helps us find an inner space of peace and harmony within us, to relax within ourselves, and to be relieved from stress, anxiety and nervousness.

The “Calmness & Serenity” Diamond Age Flower Essence Formula is a combination of flower essences: “Centering” (ophrys vernixia), “Warm and Genuine” (trifolium tomentosum), “Detachment” (trifolium campestre), “Trust” (alcea pallida), “Harmonious Living” (orchis papilionacea), “Balancing the Opposites” (orchis sancta), “Just Be” (crocus).


Promotes balance and stability. Helps us balance after a shock, trauma, unpleasant news, or a change that can happen in our lives. Supports us in rebalancing ourselves, find a new balance in a situation and continue our life with more stability.

The Diamond Age Flower Essence ‘’Rebalancing’’ formula is a combination of the flower essences: “Centering” (ophrys vernixia), “Be Yourself” (vicia lutea), “Straight at the Point” (vicia melanops), “Healthy Boundaries” (vicia cracca), “Giving Grace” (trigonella corniculata), Clear Intention (ophrys mesaritica), Inner Strength (sternbergia lutea).

*Flow and Positivity

Promotes trust, flow, and positivity in life. Helps us stop struggling with life, connect with its bright side and start flowing through it. Is  particularly useful for people who tend to do things the hard way and find it difficult to be in tune with the rhythms of life.

The formula ‘’Flow & Positivity’’ is a combination of the flower essences: “Harmonious Living” (orchis papilionacea), “Flow” (ophrys schlechteriana), “Integrating Positivity” (orchis serapias), “Everything is Possible” (dianthus myrtinervius), “Trust” (alcea pallida), “Just Do It” (ophrys phryganae), “Surrender” (lupinus angustifolius).

*Confidence and Action

Promotes confidence, self-esteem and gives us the motivation to get into action. Helps us overcome insecurity, shame, personality weaknesses and procrastination.

The Formula ‘’Confidence & Action’’ is a combination of the flower essences: Straight at the Point (vicia melanops), “Shine your Potential” (ophrys tenthredinifera), “Just Do It” (ophrys phryganae), “Happy and Rational” (ophrys spruneri), “I Can Do It” (anthyllis tetraphylla), “Complete” (onobrychis arenaria), “Infinite Awareness” (pancratium maritimum).


Promotes safety, protection and cleanses our energy field from negative influences. Seal our energy field and create a shield of light around our aura. Can be used if we have already been affected by something negative or before we find ourselves in a situation where we would need protection (shopping, subway, travel, etc.).

The Formula ‘’Protection’’ is a combination of the flower essences: “Focused Presence” (vicia canescens), “Straight at the Point” (vicia melanops), “Healthy Boundaries” (vicia cracca), “Be Yourself” (vicia lutea), “Clear Path” (robinia pseudoakakia), “Detachment” (trifollium campestre), “Energy Cleansing” (medicago), “Higher Ground” (allium neapolitanum).

*Healthy Relations

Promotes acceptance, understanding and harmonious relationships with ourselves and others. Helps us to let go of negative ways of thinking, beliefs, and behaviours that prevent us from having healthy relations.

The Formula ‘’Healthy Relations’’ is a combination of the flower essences: “Unique and Equal” (mathiola tricuspidata), “Be Yourself” (vicia lutea), “Understanding” (delphinium halteratum), “Detachment” (trifolium campestre), “Warm and Genuine” (trifolium tomentosum), “Embracing Creativity” (ecballium elaterium), “Softness” (linaria).

*Clarified Desicions

Promotes clarity, freshness and focused thinking. Helps us to be relieved from uncoordinated thoughts, indecision, daydreaming and to be able to make clear, conscious decisions.

The Formula ‘’Clarified Decisions’’ is a combination of the flower essences: “Active Observation” (nigella), “Clear Mind” (viola), “The Right Choice” (anthyllis vulneraria), “Clear Path” (robinia pseudoakakia), “Finding your Path” (silene vulgaris), “Stable Steps” (briza maxima), “Clear Intention” (ophrys mesaritica).


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