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Butterfly Essence – The Healing Love

In the video below Omprakash is sharing his experience, the insights and the healing that he received from the “The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence.

Properties of the Butterfly Spirit Essence “The healing love”.

The “The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence awakens the healing capacity of our heart, a gentle and deep sense of love, acceptance and understanding.

This Butterfly Spirit Essence offers healing to the broken heart, the pain body, the injured aspects of the self and the way in which they engage in various karmic relationships.

The “The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence restores balance and harmony, brings deep peace, relief and understanding to our being and our relationships. It enables us to overcome some traumatic event and to open again in life through our loving heart.

In this link you can find the Butterfly Spirit Essence “The Healing Love”:

The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence is especially useful:

*When we have experienced a traumatic event.

*When we have difficulty overcoming a trauma.

*When after a trauma we are closed to ourselves and find it difficult to reopen in life.

*When we connect with others and life through the traumatised aspects of ourselves and not through our heart.

*When we feel our heart is broken and we find it difficult to trust again.

*When we carry within us some old pain.

*When we can not experience peace with ourselves and others.

*Or we can simply use this butterfly spirit essence when we want to connect with the deep healing love of our heart.

*”The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence is activated from the energy of the red lacewing butterfly.

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