rescue remedy vs rebalancing flower essence, A Comparative Guide

Rescue Remedy vs Rebalancing Flower Essence – A Comparative Guide

In the world of flower essences, there are two essences which stand out for their wide benefits and applications: Diamond Age Flower Essence ‘Rebalancing’ and Bach Flower Essence ‘Rescue Remedy’. While both offer profound support in times of emotional upheaval, understanding their distinct properties and optimal uses can help you choose the best essence for your needs.

Butterfly Essences. Everything you need to know about Butterfly Spirit Essences

Butterfly Spirt Essences act as catalysts of spiritual transformation and evolution. Their main healing purpose is to help us process with grace the spiritual transformation that we are going through, to release the old restrictive energetic skin, imprints and ways of being homo sapiens. To awaken our light bodies, to remember the light of our being, our light origin, our multidimensional self and to live on this earth as awakened light beings, as homo luminous!

Mushroom Essences. Everything you need to know about Transcendental Mushroom Essences

Transcendental Mushroom Essences act as catalysts of inner balance and harmony. Have as main theme to help us bring in the light of consciousness and transform parts of the self that have been buried in the shadow of the unconscious, our inner pain body and the almost imperceptible way that they affect our way of being. To recognize and connect with the higher expressions of our being, to be able to balance our inner light and darkness, to transcend duality and crystallize our sense of self.

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Butterfly Essence – The healing love

“The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence awakens the healing capacity of our heart, a gentle and deep sense of love, acceptance and understanding.

This Butterfly Spirit Essence offers healing to the broken heart, the pain body, the injured aspects of the self and the way in which they engage in various karmic relationships.

The “The Healing Love” Butterfly Spirit Essence restores balance and harmony, brings deep peace, relief and understanding to our being and our relationships. It enables us to overcome some traumatic event and to open again in life through our loving heart.

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Healthy Connections – 10 Mushroom Essences For Conscious Relations

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