About our essences


All our essences are vibrational; therefore, they contain the energetic frequency of their elements.

Diamond Age Essences are divided into three different series: Flower, Mushroom and Butterfly Essences. Each one of them has a specific healing and awakening function.

Flower essenceS:

Flower essences help us be aware of our own potential and become empowered by it. They help to free ourselves from anxiety and stress, from past restrictive notions and beliefs that cover our true nature.

They are useful for issues related to:

Mushroom essenceS:

The energy of mushrooms together with the energy of birds and crystals balance our inner light and darkness. They bring a sense of acceptance and wholeness within the parts of us that have been buried in the shadow of the unconscious. Mushroom essences help us embrace the higher expressions of our being,  transcend duality and crystallise our sense of self.

They are useful for issues related to:

ButterflY essenceS:

 Butterfly essences have the quality of grace and light, supporting us in transitioning and transformation times. They help us to connect with the blueprint of our higher self, allowing us to flow and to move forward in life.

They are useful for issues related to: